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30 Great PSDs With Menus, Buttons and Sliders for Every Designer’s Need

Being a designer isn’t as easy as it sometimes looks because you must please every type of customer and you need to have a fast response time. When you work on a lot of projects and deadlines are near and even worse or you don’t have any inspiration, you need to seek for solutions fast. The easiest way is to look for already made .psd files that can make your work a lot easier. In this article you have 30 great psd files with menus, buttons and sliders.

– Buttons –

Twitter Widget Design PSD

Facebook & Twitter Sign-in Buttons PSD

Sweet Web Buttons PSD

Account Setup Form PSD

Shiny Interface Elements Pack PSD

Popup Modal Window PSD

Circular Power Buttons PSD

Coming Soon Splash Page PSD

Login Form with Validation PSD

Apple App Store Button PSD

Big Green Button PSD

Newsletter Sign-up Form PSD

Instagram Sign-in Buttons PSD

Wooden Button PSD

– Menus –

Black and White Navigation Menus PSD

Accordion Menu PSD

Admin Menu with Drop Down PSD

Vertical Navigation Menu PSD

Settings Menu PSD

Sticky Admin Bar PSD

Dark Navigation Men PSD

Ribbon Menu PSD

Menu Notification Badges PSD

Simple Tabbed Navigation PSD

– Sliders –

Progress Bar PSD

Image Slider Control PSD

Volume Slider PSD

Modern Web Slider PSD

Dark Slider with Featured Ribbon PSD

Chrome Sliders and Toggles PSD


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