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30 Great Examples of Eye Catching Bottle Designs

When buying something, the consumer will always look first at the package therefore it is very important that the design must be perfect. When talking about bottled products, as long as the consumer doesn’t know the brand it can very hard to make a sell if the design is  not eye-catching. Making a bottle attractive is not as hard as it looks especially if you let the designer make it attractive.

A good looking bottle will make the product virtually pop out the shelve by making all other products fade away. Its design must be daring but also must be able to inform the viewer about the product as clearly as it can be made. In this article you can see a showcase of 30 great bottle designs that will definitively make a sale.

Aigua de Vilajuïga


Magnus Eggerdink

Fentimans and Bloom

Crazy Uncle


Mikkeller Autumn Porter

Pistonhead Crude Oil

El Desperado

Hold and Hollo

Bzzz Honey

Limited Edition SKYY Vodka

5th Gin

Duff Beer

Kristian Mjøset


De l’Aubier

Eléia x Bast

Blossa 12


Table Wine


Truett Hurst x Safeway


Jack Daniel’s White Rabbit

SQ Sommeraquavit

Wildfire Wines

Shepherd & Neame

King Louis Bier

Caleb Heisey


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