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30 Fresh Examples Of Package Designs

If your product has a great package design, you can convince a consumer to buy it event if he don’t really need it. Everything is linked to visual contact and that’s why sometimes a not so good product has a large demand from customers. If you know how to wrap it, your sale is half way there.

In this article you can see 30 fresh examples of package design made by some very talented independent artists or companies.

Pago de los Capellanes

Designed by Mucho

Help Remedies

Designed by Pearlfisher



Designed by Sequitur Creative & Thing Tank

Let Me Be

Designed by Bob Helsinki

The Grown Up Chocolate Company

Designed by Toast Design

Mezcal Manonegra

Designed by Sociedad Anonima


Designed by Family(and friends)


Designed by Ostecx Créative

Villa de Patos

Designed by Savvy Studio


Designed by Barbiturik

Hot Dang

Designed by Make & Matter

Late July

Designed by Moxie Sozo

Ayelet Naturals

Designed by Oh Boutique

Eight Treasures of Happiness

Designed by Victor Branding Design Co.


Designed by Interabang


Design by Subplot Design

Depression-Era Circus Tea Party

Designed by Jag Nagra


Designed by Roberta Zanette

Teas’ Tea

Designed by Gooder Companies

Sheffield & Sons

Designed by Birdsong Gregory

A Little Bird Told Me

Designed by Stocks Taylor Benson

Burnt Sugar

Designed by D. Studio

Student Work – Kyle Hebert


Designed by Kyle Hebert


Designed by Ziggurat Brands

Burn Card T-shirts

Designed by Burn Card Clothing

El Gaucho

Designed by Blend-it Design

Student Work – Danielle Mitchell

Designed by Danielle Mitchell

Student Work – Valentin Bussard

Designed by Valentin Bussard

Countless Tiny Bubbles

Designed by Natalia Gutsan


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