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30 Creative Examples of Letterpress Business Cards

I think that letterpress is the purest form of creating business cards. This technique is perfect for embossing certain areas in the print, which makes it very clean and elegant. Another feature of embossing is that you don’t have to use to many colors, so that can be an advantage on your wallet. In this article you can see a collection of 30 superb examples of business cards made using the letterpress.

TV Remote Control Card

Homer Liwag

Black Heart Tattoo


Ricotta & Parmesan

Atomic Vibe

Talka Realty

Alica Gao Custom Cards

Cowboys & Cadillacs

Red Rocket

Taksu Media

Heidi 5 Studio

Vintage Glam Weddings

Mind Punch

David West

Mike James

Jeff Hodson


Point Form

Font Deck

Med Travel

I am Tiago

Sarah Kate Photography

Identity Kitchen

The Royal Chains

Jonathan Wood

Nilsson & Crona



Factory 256


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