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30 Cool Toy Commercials From the ’90s

As a child I was amazed by all the toy commercials and I wanted to have them all. I remember that we used to have more interesting toys than they are today and we also didn’t had the access to all of them so easily as in these days. If you miss the good old days of your childhood, then this article will bring up memories with 30 cool toy commercials from the ’90s.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toy Commercials

Domino Rally commercial Late 80s or Early 90s

Ghost Rider toy commercial – 1995

1994 Toy Biz X-Men Projectors Commercial

1996 “Johnny Quest” Action Figures Commercial

1997 Toy Story Action Figures Commercial

Spider-Man Spider-Wars toy commercial – 1996

Mighty Max Toy Commercial – 1993

Transformers 1990 Toy Commercial Action Masters

knex toy commercial

Ask Zandar Board Game Commercial – 1993

Star Wars Toys Ad Creature Figure 2-Packs – 1998

Mouse Trap Ad – 1995

Operation Ad – 1997

Guess Who Ad – 1997

Whack A Mole Game – 1999

Hot Wheels Ad- Criss Cross Crash (1995)

Tyco RC Ad- Triple Wheels (1994)

Classic Connect Four Commercial

Batman: The Dark Knight Collection(1990)

Street Fighter II Action Figures

Sega Pods and Pocket Arcade Ad (1994)

Hot Wheels Ad- Top Speed (1995)

Electronic Talking Battleship Commercial – 1993

Matchbox Car Wash Commercial – 1993

Adult Furby 1998 Commercial

Shark Attack Commercial from 1991

Nerf Commercial (1993)

Power Wheels Ad- Jeep Adventure Team (1996)

The Mask Action Figures Ad (1995)


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