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30 Cool Modern Fonts Which Are Free To Use

We see typography everywhere, and choosing the perfect font will make or break the bond between the message and the way it is delivered. When you are looking for a good font, you firstly need to have a clear picture of what you’ll do with it. Where you will use it? What type of message do you want to show? Is an official text or something more familiar? Do you need it for a headline, for a warning or informational message? As you can see, this list of questions can expand a lot, but it is extremely important to answer them all in order to pick the perfect font.

Modern fonts are a good choice if you need to create an interesting impression by using cool shapes or designs in your typography. This type of font acts more like a visual stamp rather than a simple way to deliver a message. Finding the perfect font requires a lot of searching and trials to see which one fits perfectly so in this article you can see a collection of 30 modern fonts which are ready to use.


30. free font


29. free font

Meta language

28. free font


27. free font

Gotham Nights

26. free font

Good times

25. free font


24. free font


23. free font

College team

22. free font


21. free font

Enter Sansman

20. free font

Eden Mills

19. free font

Dream Orphans

18. free font


17. free font


16. free font


15. free font


14. free font


13. free font


12. free font


11. free font

Brand New

10. free font


9. free font

Bend 2 Squares

8. free font

Becker Black

7. free font

Beast machines

6. free font

Battle Beasts

5. free font


4. free font

Alpha Male

3. free font

Airstrip four

2. free font

Acens font

1. free font

If you want to see a broader collection of different types of fonts, you should really check out


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