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30 Advertisements Which Will Definitively Make You Laugh

I love advertisements even if most of the time I’m seeing stupid commercials especially for detergents which I bet that are made by a drunk monkey (no disrespect, monkeys). The good part is that from time to time, a good ad appear and I’m happy to see creativity at work. There are many types of advertisement but the ones that I love the most are those which are funny, and frankly, if you want to make me buy your product, you must make me laugh.

So, if you also like funny ads, then in this article you can see 30 hilarious examples made by some very talented agencies.

Dog Spa Course

The smaller the blocks, the better the detail

LG Car Audio. The sound of power

Makes your barbecue deliciously hot

Sonim XP3400 Armor. Temperature resilient, just in case.

The Leach With Liberties

Big movies, mobile size

Beijing Sports Radio

New Wife, New Rules

JVC – Choose Later. Up to 130 consecutive shots

Crossword Bookstores – Audio books

Diagonal Mar – The Sales Season is on

Ziploc Cling Wrap – Be fresh for a long time

McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee – Time to wake up

Woolite – Make wools happy

No one needs to know what you’ve been eating

The Evolution of the $100 Bills – Money makes you look younger

Protect our feet. And our noses

Coca-Cola open happiness

Anti acne cleansing cream

The fastest cruise ferries in Greece

Vapona insect spray – If you hate mosquitoes

Hyundai i30 – The quietest cabin in its class

Hotwheels – Vintage Collection

KoSamon hair dryer – It blows really strong

Alipuro – Very good freshness for very bad breath

Sheep, ship, chip – Make your English clear

Panasonic Flat Technology. No rotating plate. More internal space

Skoda Superb with automatic DSG gearbox

You better run. AvioTur Last minute flights


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