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3 Remarkable Mausoleums Photography

Arystan Bab Mausoleum

A legend states that Emir Timur ordered the construction of a mosque on the site of Khoja Akhmet Yassawi’s grave but all attempts were unsuccessful. Timur was then told in a dream that in order to have success he should first build a mausoleum over grave of the mystic Arystan Baba.
The mausoleum dates from the 14th century and is constructed over Arystan Baba’s 12th century grave but was reconstructed several times up to the 18th century. In the 18th century the previous mausoleum, which had been destroyed by an earthquake was replaced with a double domed structure supported by two carved wooden columns. [1] Most of the current structure was constructed in the first decade of the 20th century with only the carved wooden pillars remaining from the original building.



Aisha Bibi Mausoleum

The Aisha-Bibi is an 11th or 12th-century mausoleum for a noble woman located in the village of Aisha Bibi, 18 km (11 mi) west of Taraz, Kazakhstan on the Silk Road. It is locally famous as a monument to love and faithfulness.




Khoja Akhmet Yassawi Mausoleum

Turkistan is one of Kazakhstan’s historic cities with an archaeological record dating back to the 4th century.During the Han dynasty it may even have been Beitan, the summer capital of ancient Kangju, which is mentioned in the Hanshu.
It became a commercial centre after the final demise of Otrar, the medieval city whose ruins lie near the Syr Darya to the southeast. Throughout most of the medieval and early-modern period it was known as Yasi or Shavgar and after the 16th-17th centuries as Turkistan or Hazrat, both of which names derive from the title ‘Hazrat-i Turkistan’, which literally means “the Saint (or Blessed One) of Turkistan” and refers to Khoja Ahmad Yasavi, the Sufi Shaikh of Turkistan, who lived here during the 11th century CE and is buried in the town.





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