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25 Superb Examples Of Flyer Designs

A flyer (also spelled flier or called a circular, handbill or leaflet) is a single page leaflet advertising a nightclub, event, service, or other activity. Flyers are typically used by individuals or businesses to promote their products or services. They are a form of mass marketing or small scale, community communication. The verb “flyering” or “fliering” has evolved as a colloquial expression meaning “to put up flyers”.

Flyers, along with postcards, pamphlets and small posters, are forms of communication for people who want to engage the public but do not have the money or desire to advertise over the internet, in telephone directories, or classified or display advertising in newspapers or other periodicals. As marketing became more direct in the late 1980s and 1990s, the flyer printing evolved and currently there are many formats to be found. In this article I have collected 25 superb examples divided in two categories: the first one is a gallery of used flyers and the second one is a collection of flyers that you can buy.

State of monc

Made by Sibe Kokke

IT Dept. Flyer

Made by Andy Bruce

Bike promotion

Made by Alexandre Leal

Breakfast seminars

Made by Fredrik Swahn


Flyer for a festival

Made by Joep van Gassel

Room for rent

Made by Jimena Gambio

Flyer design for a party

Made by De$one

The Awakening Tour

Made by Todd Foshee

Monster Hands


Made by mellow

Flyer templates that you can buy:

Retro Restaurant Menu Template

This funky vintage menu would be perfect for use by a trendy diner or restaurant. The fun colors and retro type recall a classic era of diners and cafes.

Bright Nutritionist Flyer Template

This bright and cheery flyer is perfect for a nutritionist or other health-promoting firm, especially one targeting children and families. The friendly fruit and vibrant colors are a great way to convey information about nutrition, and the flyer includes plenty of space for services, facts, and dieting tips.

Plumbing Service Flyer Template

A professional plumbing service can utilize this flyer for promotional purposes. The all-caps, condensed type face gives the flyer a feeling of solidity, which reflects the reliability of the company.

Spring Sale Retail Flyer Template

Any retail store could utilize this flyer to advertise for a seasonal spring sale. The rustic flowers and birds are cheery and perfect for the spring season.

Japanese Restaurant Flyer Template

This flyer can serve as promotion for a Japanese restaurant and there is also space for a coupon to be used at the restaurant. The vibrant palette captures the freshness and uniqueness of dining at a Japanese restaurant.

Retro Craft Fair Flyer Template

The classic colors, home-made textures, and retro type of this craft fair flyer make it a wonderful way to advertise for an expo of all things homespun. Whether for a craft fair, a knitting circle, or a boutique, this flyer is sure-fire way to catch eyes and draw customers in for more.

Automotive Repair Service Flyer Template

The clean, sleek typographic treatment of this flyer is reminiscent of a golden age of motor vehicles, and is perfect for a high-end garage or repair service for promoting the business.

Spring Sale Flyer Template

Any retail store could utilize this flyer to advertise for a seasonal spring sale. The cheery green and pink colors are perfect for the spring season.

Vintage Travel Flyer Template

The crisp colors and type of this vintage flyer are reminiscent of a golden age of travel spent whizzing down Route 66. The design perfectly lends itself to any travel agency aiming to provide quality, classic service.

Dog Walking Flyer with Textured Background Template

This warm, friendly flyer is perfect for a company offering dog-walking and obedience training services. The textured background along with the dog image work together to convey an image of a company passionate about caring for canines.

Illustrative Water Utilities Flyer Template

A water utilities company could utilize this flyer as promotion. The illustrative style of the flyer adds a playful element while still maintaining a degree of professionalism essential to a utilities company.

Hardware Store Flyer Template

This flyer would be perfect for a local hardware shop providing friendly service to all customers. The simple, graphic flyer uses the identifiable language of tools hanging from a pegboard to convey the subject.

Baseball Camp Flyer Template

This flyer is perfect for a baseball camp to describe camp information, prices, and dates. The old-time player photograph along with the classic palette work to communicate the all-American aspect of baseball.

Feed Supplier Flyer Template

The worn, weathered look of this flyer, along with the livestock imagery make it appropriate for a farm feed supplier.

Graphic Milk Farm Flyer Template

An organic dairy farm could utilize this flyer. There are many playful elements that make it unconventional and unique, yet still appropriate for a dairy farm. The graphic, cartoon quality and the pink highlights help to give the flyer a refreshing aesthetic.







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