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25 Awesome Printed Ads

A picture is worth a thousand words but in the case of a printed ad, things are different. Besides the main message, it must be persuasive, to arouse curiosity and attract new customers. Below we have 25 super smart printed ads.

McDonald’s – The M

Copy: “The M. A sandwich for experts.”

Eveready Alkaline Plus Battery – Make Life Easier

Copy: “Eveready. Make Life Easier.”

Lego – There Is More in Every Box

CNN – Background

Copy: “Stories with the full background. CNN”

ThaiHealth Promotion Foundation – Sleepy

Copy: “Sleepiness is stronger than you. ThaiHealth Don’t Drive Sleepy Project.”

New Look Day Spa – Car

Copy: “Mom, I crashed your car. Life looks more beautiful when you are relaxed.”

Arraze – Game Over

Pilot – Soup

Copy: “Well done! Now you can watch Tv. Pilot. Water resistant.”

Smart – Not 2 Alike

Easy Home Improvement Store

Copy: “Get organized.”

Tide – Mixed Colours

Copy: “Don’t let your colours mix.”

Volkswagen Parking Sensor – Garden Dwarf

Copy: “Get a Volkswagen with parking sensor.”

Courrier International Newspaper – Anticipation

Copy: “Learn to anticipate. Courrier International.”

Volkswagen Adaptative Lights – The Moose Is Loose

Copy: “Tonight, the wild moose. Moose is loose. 150 meter. Moose live in 2 sec. Adaptive lights from Volkswagen. Be ahead of dangers.”

WF – Ivory Tusk

Copy: “A display of wealth or moral bankruptcy?”

Pilot Extrafine – Tattoed Lego

Aspirin – Gone

Career Times – Resurrect

In Memoriam: Randal Peterson’s hopes of becoming an horticulturalist perished on this spot on August 2, 2002.

Panasonic Viera 3D TV – Dino

King’s Stella Air Freshner – Flower Power

Copy: “Flower Power.”

Binboa Vodka – Into The Night

Copy: “Binboa Vodka: The night is ours.”

Sete Léguas Boots – Enemies

Copy: “Feet have a lot of enemies. Protect yourself.”

Audi Quattro – Banana Squid

Land Rover – Beyond

Copy: “Land Rover. Go Beyond.”

Dequadin Throat Lozenge – Match

Copy: “Dequadin Throat Lozenge. Apologize to your throat.”


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