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2013 Comes WIth Brand New 30 Calendar Designs

The 365 day calendar was technically first invented by the ancient Egyptians. They had a 360 day calendar that had 12 months with 3 seasons (Akhet – June 15 to October 15, Proyet – October 15 to February 15 and Shomu – Februray 15 to June 15).

The calendar corresponded with the flooding of the Nile River which occurred around June 20th, not long after the star Sirius (from the constellation Canis Major) reappeared on the eastern horizon. Five extra days were added at the beginning of each year and during these days, the birthdays of the gods were celebrated.

Thus, bringing their calendar to 365 days. However, they did not compensate for the leap year as we do today so the calendar and seasons drifted out of line. This eventually lead to a 5 month discrepancy at the end of the Old Kingdom.

Calendars have a great history and if you want to design a brand new one, I recommend you to read a lot about it.
































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