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20 Websites with a Fresh Design

­Surrounded by a plethora of web sites, platforms, and portals, internet users are becoming more and more difficult to impress. What are the criteria that aspiring web designers must take into consideration to receive the cheer and applause of the crowds? Some argue that the content you want to put forward (be it blog posts, art pieces or music) won’t reach its full potential unless it’s backed up by a neat and user-friendly template.

We’re coming to you today with a set of 20 websites that boast a fresh design and a quirky approach to web design. Needless to say, they easily manage to grasp the attention of the readers and keep them interested enough to spend time on their site and browse the content. Who wouldn’t love a template that will do just that? The latest trends are pointing to the solution: wow your users with minimalist designs, two-color palette schemes and super intuitive buttons to make their experience one of a kind. Long gone are the days when four-column blogs crammed with commercials were a must. Nowadays, we’re back to “less is more”, which is best summed up by the following 20 innovative and fresh website designs.

1. Bellucci Premium

1 bellucci

2. Haus Steuermann

2 Haus Steuermann

3. Art for Everybody

3 Art Access Victoria

4. Mighty Matics

4 Mighty Matics

5. Agence SBA

5. agence

6. Fitz’s Landscaping

6. Fitz's Landscaping

7. Design dough


8. Fornasetti

8 fornasetti

9. The MoviePass Quest

9 movie

10. India May Home


Don’t underestimate the power of monochromatic web designs – in fact, they are the epitome of beauty and quite a sight for sore eyes. The example above speaks volumes about the functionality of a black and white only template. The web design choice for particular products or content has to take into account the brand’s identity. What do you want to put forward and want should your users be able to understand just by taking one glance at your website? A monochrome template beautifully suits the India May Home brand because it reflects their products’ qualities: structural, beautiful, functional, and simple.

11. Nuuk


12. Milkable


13. Pumperlgsund


14. Herb Ritts Foundation


15. In Love with Clothes


16. JO&SO


17. Granny’s Secret


18. The Law of the Jungle


19. Uber Brand


20. iFly50


What’s your favorite from our picks? Let us know if you agree that less is more or tell us about your different approach!