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20+ Useful jQuery Plugins That Will Improve User Experience On Your Website

jQuery is a JavaScript library that is CSS3 compliant and supports many cross-browser features. The jQuery framework is extensible and very nicely handles DOM manipulations, CSS, animations, communications to server requests, document transversal and event handling. 

jQuery can easily help you improve the user experience on your websites. We look forward to your ideas and suggestions in the comments to this post.

TipTip jQuery Plugin

jQuery Slider plugin (Safari style) 





Nivo Slider

FullCalendar – Full-sized Calendar jQuery Plugin



Tiny Circleslider

iPhone Style Radio and Checkbox Switches using JQuery and CSS

Ideal Forms

Jquery Transit

The Wookmark jQuery plugin

A Better jQuery In-Field Label Plugin

Columnizer jQuery Plugin 

Dygraphs: Create interactive graphs from open source Javascript library 

jQuery Credit Card Format Validation

Power PWChecker

Sponsor Flip Wall With jQuery & CSS 

Mind-blowing JavaScript Experiments





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