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20 Sunning Fantasy Drawings That Illustrate Epic Battles

Fantasy is a filed used by many artists for escaping the real world and to create illustrations that go beyond what we can do or see in our life. Usually, fantasy art recreates scenes depicted from various legends with super-heroes or creates new worlds filled with surreal objects. Even if I don’t have even a decent drawing skill, I love fantasy because it is one of the very few places where you can do anything you like and no one will ever criticize you. If you want to make a floating house filled with one thousand whales riding a pack of unicorns, then the canvas is your only limit. Returning to our article, here you can see a showcase of 20 cool fantasy drawingsthat illustrate some epic battles.

Dragon Rider

Created by Derrick Song

Asmodian Carnage

Created by Daniel Kvasznicza

Flash of the Blade

Created by Halil Ural


Created by Kekai Kotaki


Created by Kekai Kotaki

Bury Elminster Deep

Created by Kekai Kotaki

LA Event

Created by Josh Nizzi

Hose Down

Created by Kai Lim

Frozen Queen

Created by Anastasia Bulgakova

Witchblade 149

Created by Stjepan Sejic

Viking: Battle for Asgard

Created by Michael Kutsche

Heroes of Might and Magic

Created by Guangjian Huang

The Last Knight Standing

Created by Christoph Peters Von Sperling

The Skeleton Lord

Created by Chao Yuan Xu

Blade of Arabia

Created by Li Peng

Battle Scene

Created by Daryl Mandryk

The day

Created by Ignacio Bazán Lazcano


Created by Amar Djouad

Undead Army

Created by Wenjun Lin


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