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20 Incredible Pictures From National Geographic

National Geographic is my favorite source of images and wallpapers and I believe this is ground zero when it comes to inspiration. You have everything from underwater photos to unbelievable space images.  In this article you can see 20 of my favorite pictures from NG’s gallery. If was hard to choose because they have hundreds of images that deserve to be presented here.

Kung Fu Master, China

Buddhist monk and kung fu master Shi Dejian (above) and his disciples hauled bags of cement and roof tiles up steep mountain paths to build an isolated retreat (in background) away from the tourist crowds at the Shaolin Temple. Photograph by Fritz Hoffmann, National Geographic

Hang En Cave, Vietnam

Going underground, expedition members enter Hang En, a cave tunneled out by the Rao Thuong River. Dwindling to a series of ponds during the dry months, the river can rise almost 300 feet (91 meters) during the flood season, covering the rocks where cavers stand. Photograph by Carsten Peter, National Geographic

Machu Picchu

Perched high in the Peruvian Andes, the royal retreat of Machu Picchu testifies to the Inca’s masterful building skills with its precision-cut stones and perfectly placed cascades of terraces. Photograph by Robert Clark, National Geographic

Pagoda Forest, China

“Gained merit in battle” reads the epitaph of two of the 231 eminent Shaolin monks honored with shrines in the Pagoda Forest. The number of layers in a shrine reflects a monk’s virtue; his bones, and often those of disciples, are buried below. Photograph by Fritz Hoffmann, National Geographic


Photograph by Johann Karlsson

Buffalo, Indonesia

This buffalo was cooling down in a puddle of muddy water. This image captured was on one of the Komodo Islands in Indonesia. Photograph by Andrew Ang.

Timber Wolves

The secret behaviors of the timber wolves revealed in this photograph ascribe almost human attributes within the realm of affection and offerings of familial respect. We see activity pictured that normally stays well hidden from the human eye. It touches our heart and leaves us feeling as though a pet has just wandered through our mind leaving a lasting impression as less than fearless creature, but a caring and giving huggable friend. Yet their complexities we know exist. Photograph by Jacqueline Crivello.

Point Reyes, California

Point Reyes, California, near the top of the cliff, under fog. The windswept trees forming a kind of tunnel, the sun piercing through the upper layer of the fog and the limited visibility provide for a very special effect. It appears quite unreal. Kind of spooky, especially considering that there were very few people around. Photograph by Anton Barmettler,

Vietnamese Potbellied Pig, Minnesota

Daisy Mae, a miniature Vietnamese potbellied pig, lounges like a family member in West St. Paul, Minnesota. Photograph by Vincent J. Musi, National Geographic.

Elephant Festival, India

The Elephant Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Jaipur and takes place at the famous Chaugan Stadium in March. It begins with a beautiful procession of bedecked elephants, camels, horses, and folk dancers. The mahouts proudly embellish their elephants with vibrant colors, jhools (saddle cloth), and heavy jewelry. Photograph by Marjorie Lang.

Cave Stalagmites, Vietnam

Streams of light from the surface unveil stalagmites fat and thin on the floor of Hang Loong Con. Cavers called the new find the Cactus Garden. Photograph by Carsten Peter, National Geographic.

Attack Bomber Assembly, California

A historic photo of nose assemblies for Douglas A-20 attack bombers. Photograph by Douglas Aircraft Company.

Peak District, England

Amazing light before a summer storm in the Peak District. Photograph by Steve Roche.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

A sense of scale of the Eiffel Tower. Photograph by Dario Teich.

Baobab Trees, Madagascar

Avenue of the Baobabs, an area near Morondava protected since 2007, is all that remains of a once thick forest cleared for farmland. Growing 80 feet (24 meters) or more, baobabs are valued for fruit and bark. Photograph by Pascal Maitre, National Geographic.

Nichols Bridgeway, Chicago

The Nichols Bridgeway extends over the world’s largest green roof to Millennium Park. Photograph by Melissa Farlow, National Geographic.

Rajasthan, India

This portrait was taken in a city called Bundi in Rajasthan, India. This man shone in the setting sun, his skin glistening, his eyes vibrant and his turban matching the color of the old painted wall behind him. Photograph by April Maciborka.

Humahuaca, Argentina

Cars sit parked along a narrow, stone-paved road in the town of Humahuaca in northern Argentina. The valley in which it lies—the Quebrada de Humahuaca, named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003—has been a trade route for thousands of years. Photograph by Christine Belmonte.

Stone-Marked Grave, Libya

Carefully chosen light and dark stones mark the isolated grave of a herder who died between 5,000 and 3,000 years ago. As rainfall dwindled, the inhabitants of Libya’s remote Fezzan region congregated around scattered oases. Photograph by George Steinmetz.

Dock and Palm Trees, Tahiti

A dock juts out to a small palm island, surrounded by the jewel-blue waters of Tahiti. Tahiti is just one of 118 islands and atolls that make up French Polynesia, a semi-autonomous territory of France. With its claim here and on other Pacific territories, France is the second largest presence (after the United States) in the Pacific. Photograph by Jodi Cobb.


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