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20 Great Examples Of Poster Designs

I love posters, specially those with funny or clever messages. Putting a poster on a wall means not only that you like it, but also that you belong to a special group of people. For example, if you have a “Jedi Starter Kit” hanging above your bed, then you surely are a Star Wars fan. And I salute you!

In this article you can see 20 superb examples of poster designs which are made by various graphical artists. Click on them for viewing them on full scale.

Feline Totem


The United Front of Gentlemen


One Mo time



Jedi Starter Kit


The Black Keys

Manchester Mark One

Not the end

City Lights – Charlie Chaplin


Edward Scissorhands

Nothing endures but change

Impossible is nothing

The Boardroom

Dan Dare Travel Poster

Sid Vicious


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