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20 Great Design Concepts Which I Wish Will Become Real

Sometimes I see things which can be optimized or done better, but unfortunately I’m not a product designer to make it. For example, check out the last picture from the article. How many times did you get annoyed that couldn’t match the key into the. keyhole? The solution to this problem is so simple that I’m wondering…how didn’t I think of that? In this article you can see 20 great design concepts which I hope someday will became real.

Mole’s Hide and Seek Bike Rack

Designed by You Song Young, Park Soyoung, Hong Sung Min, Hong Se Won

Named after the small mammals that live underground, Mole’s Hide and Seek Bike Rack is a bicycle-parking device that does not obstruct pedestrians. Mole’s Hide and Seek Bike Rack hides underground, only rising above the surface when it is needed. It pops up when someone steps on the ground plate that surrounds its hole. When the Mole rack is hidden below the surface, its plate functions as a signal. It provides people with directions and information about the area – for example, the direction in which they will find a public bathroom or bus stop.

Aqua Station

Designed by Xia Chenxi, Kang Yuan, He Siqian, Zhang Xi

Aqua Station is a water delivery system for post-disaster situations that filters water from fire hydrants for specific needs. After a disaster such as a tsunami or tornado, those left without homes will typically seek refuge (for an uncertain period) at a safe place that can accommodate many people. In such a situation, water supply is a chief concern.

Magnet Tray

Designed by Chen Hongyu,  Tang Ruoqing, Wang Sheng, Zhu Baixuan, Bian Jing

Magnet Tray is a magnetic tray-holding system that provides a quick solution to the problem of overcrowding in fast food restaurants. Many fast food restaurants practically overflow with people during peak operational hours. Some customers will face the problem of being unable to find a table. The designers of Magnet Tray assume that restaurants will be able to harness some unused wall space to install their magnetic tray-holding system.


Designed by Rho Jinhyuk, Maria Rho, Kim Eunah

Are you going out? Did you turn off all the lights, electrical switches, and gas? Off will ease your mind. Off is a front-door handle that also enables one to disable the electrical and gas supply in their home with the push of a button. Three settings are offered: “Light/Electricity,” “Gas,” and “All.” A single setting can be selected through the rotation of a dial. Upon one’s return home, the original condition can be restored by turning the Off handle in the other direction.


Designed by Chen Hongyu, Tang Ruoqing, Wang Sheng, Zhu Baixuan, Bian Jing


Designed by Tone Design

Floater is a washbasin whose flow of water can be activated by shifting a levitating piece of metal soap. Floater is a public washbasin with a magnetic levitation switch. There are two floating positions that indicate the working status as ‘on’ or ‘off.’ The washbasin is ‘off’ when the switch is floating above the centre of the basin. The switch itself offers a secondary function – it is a piece of metal soap. Magnets within the basin cause the metal soap to float.

Easy Clean

Designed by Wu Chi-Hua,  Wang Li-Hsin

Easy Clean is a faucet that was designed to prevent the recontamination of one’s hands when turning off a tap. The handle and outlet are combined for multiple benefits. Every time we turn on a tap with a dirty hand, we leave some germs on the handle. Our hand will be re-contaminated when we turn the tap off. To solve this problem, we could use a motion sensor (which would involve additional energy consumption), or we could choose a smarter tap.

Flume Bathtub

Designed by Kim Jung Su, Yoon Ji Soo, Kim Dong Hwan

Flume Bathtub was designed using the principle of a seesaw. It offers a tilted point of entry that makes it easy for a person to move his or her body from a wheelchair to the bathtub. Wheelchair-bound people require the assistance of others in order to get into a bathtub. Flume Bathtub was designed to bring more independence to the bather. The bathtub tilts like a seesaw down to a level at which a person take hold of the attached handles and transfer themselves from the wheelchair to the tub. A seat is built in at the point of entry. As water fills the tub, it balances out the weight distribution, and the tub gradually becomes centred and level. The reverse occurs when the water is drained, allowing the bather to return to the wheelchair.

Convenient Cavity

Designed by Bao Haimo, Piao Hailong, Liu Yuancheng, Miao Pengpeng, Xu Kun

The addition of a cavity to the typical shampoo dispenser bottle makes it much more convenient to use. The shapes of typical shampoo dispenser bottles generally favour the container function over the pumping process. The Convenient Cavity bottle benefits greatly from the addition of a cavity below the pump, which enhances the bottle’s convenience of use.

Duo – Tapware

Designed by Daniel So

Duo provides a simple way to retrieve water from a faucet while brushing your teeth. One of the unique dual outlets provides an upward stream of water, which is easily accessible and effortlessly operated by the slightest movement of your hand.

Inverted Umbrella

Designed by Ahn Il-Mo, Kim Tae-Han, Seo Dong-Han

The Inverted Umbrella folds ‘inside-out’ after use to prevent water from being transferred onto the user’s clothing. When folded after use, a typical umbrella is wet on the outside and can easily transfer water onto one’s clothing or other belongings. The Inverted Umbrella folds in reverse, so the dry inner side of the umbrella becomes the outside. This revised umbrella functions the same way as a typical umbrella when used for rain protection.

PumPing Tap

Designed by Seong Soyeon, Park Jihye, Kim Seonmi, Lee Yeontaek, Lee Jeongjae

PumPing Tap is a spring-loaded socket that ejects a plug if an appliance has been switched off. This prevents the wastage of power for stand-by mode.

Two Face Windows

Designed by Kim June Kyoung, Do Yong Gu

The window can revolve 360 degrees so It’s safe and efficient to clean. The flower pot can be moved in and out conveniently and brought up healthy, too.

Number Pad Film for Touchpad

Designed by Gong Huachao,  Wang Hui

Number Pad Film for Touchpad turns the laptop touchpad into a convenient number keypad. The touchpad is a common piece of laptop hardware. It functions as a temporary mouse. Number Pad Film for Touchpad turns the touchpad into a number keypad. The film is printed with the digits from zero to nine, as well as a decimal point and the symbols +, -, *, and /. To make the number keypad active, the user must install a small program to link areas of the touchpad to the input processes. Finally, the use of a customised hotkey switches the touchpad to number-input mode.

Vertical Helper

Designed by Liang Zesheng, Liang Shaohua, Li Xin,  Cai Yinbo, Xi Xiaolong

It is common for users of electric drills to bore too deep into a surface or drill at the wrong angle. The Vertical Helper employs concentric circles of laser light to solve these problems. The Vertical Helper is an auxiliary device for electric drills. Its main function is to provide a more intuitive and accurate reference for one’s drilling angle and depth. It incorporates three laser lights, a regulator, an elastic rubber belt, and friction plates. The lights create three concentric circles – two on the drilling surface and one around the drill bit. If the circles become misaligned and oblique, the user will know that the drilling angle is not vertical.

Plug Label

Designed by Feng Cheng-Tsung, Cheng Yu-Ting

Plug Label is a glow-in-the-dark identification system for plugs that also allows them to be easily levered out of their sockets. Our use of multi-socket power boards can result in great confusion when it comes to identifying and pulling out a particular plug. The challenge is even greater when the power board is tucked away behind a desk, in a corner, or in a dark spot. The luminous Plug Label provides a convenient identification system for plugs, but it also offers another convenience.

Bracelet KEY

Designed by Kim Ji Soo, Kim Jeongmin, Chung Boogun

Bracelet KEY is a simple and practical solution to the problem of losing one’s key.Losing a key results in inconvenience, embarrassment, and the financial cost involved with replacing a lock. Bracelet KEY transforms the key into a fashion item that can be conveniently worn on the wrist.


Designed by  Bae Sangmin, Mun Jongchan, Lee Yejee, Oh Seobin, Hong Woneui

The Pumpack suitcase contains a vacuum pump that compresses clothing to create more packing space. Pumpack is a suitcase that has a hand-operated vacuum pump inside its handle. This pump can compress clothing to maximise packing space. The designers assert that it can reduce the volume by 70%. The suitcase contains a special zip-up vacuum bag.

Parcel Label

Designed by Sun Chao, Hu Lingyue, Li Yifang, Chen Zhuo, Chai Yu

Parcel Label serves as a reminder that we should protect our personal information. This perforated postage label allows the recipient of a parcel to quickly and easily obscure personal address information before discarding or recycling the packaging materials. Parcel Label incorporates diagonal perforated tear lines that, when torn, remove portions of the label’s address section. A pull-tab makes it easy to grasp the corner of the label. The removable portion contains less adhesive so it is easier to remove.

Concave Lock

Designed by Poh Liang Hock

Concave Lock makes it easier to match your key with your door’s keyhole, preventing you from fumbling with the lock when you arrive home at night. When you arrive home in the dark, matching your key and door’s keyhole is usually a bothersome experience. Concave Lock makes it much easier and faster to unlock the door. It is lit by an annulus device that clearly indicates the keyhole zone with fluorescent material. The concave surface of the lock guides your key into the keyhole.


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