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20 Fresh Examples of CSS3 Implementations

I’m sure that you know what CSS3 is because it’s one of the building blocks of almost all of today’s websites. Without cascading style sheets, the web industry would be practically blocked in the ’90s. CSS is not only a tool for fine tuning a website, but rather a cool way for creating stunning designs which not only look good but also are very optimized. Combining CSS3 with HTML5 and jQuery can offer unlimited possibilities to a web designer, so he can create basically everything he wants.

In this article you can see 20 examples of websites made primarily using CSS3 designs. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Defend The Flame

My Drink


Samsung Smart TV

Electros Fitness

Pixels et Aromates

Cloud Experience

APM Design

Protect Our Waves Petition


Onbileapps studio


Mostly Serious

Pimpco Custom Drum Design

Pietro Terranova


YP Digital


Bairro Sahy

La Fabrik


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