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20 Fresh Examples of Advertisements That Will Make You Laugh

We all see all kinds of advertisements each and every day. On the streets, on the TV, in the magazines, in the newspapers etc, even if we want, even if we don’t. Some are long, boring or annoying, some are short, funny and smart. Some are simple and meaningful and some are crowded and tiresome. Some say too much, some say nothing. We therefore collected for you a nice collection of fresh advertisements which will take you out from the daily monotony.

Make Your CV Stronger

Salon Hair at Home

Expandable Trunk

Who’s Driving You Home Tonight

The Leach With Liberties

Stops Stains From Settling In

Extra Strong Fixings

Compact Power Plant

Beijing Sports Radio

As Wild As Life Gets

Get Closer

Detects Hidden Danger

 You Can Get More

Bad Luck Never Misses

New Wife, New Rules

We Make the Tools

Our Business is Motorcycles

Free Your Dog

A Brave New World


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