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12 High Quality Astronomy Photography

Beautiful photos from the Robert Gendler astronomy collection.

“The fascinating natural forms and colors of galaxies, nebulas, and other deepsky objects are deeply aesthetic and have inspired many to learn more about our wonderful universe. … I can tell you it has enriched my life. I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone with an interest in the areas of astronomy, imaging, or computer science … Just a word of caution; after your first successful image be prepared to be hooked for life!” Robert Gendler

1.M57, The Ring Nebula

2. Spiral Galaxy in Lunx

3. The Flame Nebuna in Orion

4. Horsehead Nebula region in Infrared and Visible Light

5. Veil Supernova Remnant

6. The Great Nebula in Orion

7. The Dumbbell Nebuna in Vulpecula

8. Emission Nebula and Open Cluster in Cassiopeia

9. Star formation in Ara

10.The center of the Orion Nebula

11. The Eta Carinae Nebula

12. The Rho Ophiuchi Nebula


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