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100+ Marques & Logotypes Created By Following 5 Golden Rules

Mash Creative, the author of the following designs,  is an independent design studio based in East London/Essex. They work on creative projects that include identity & branding, print media and web design. When designing logos Mash Creative always try to adhere to a particular set of rules :

Rule 1: Less is more – some of the most recognisable brands in the world use a simple marque or logo type – for example, think how simple the Nike tick/swoosh is. 

Rule 2: If in doubt – simplify! (see rule 1). Strip away anything that may make the logo look fussy or overly complicated.

Rule 3: For Mash Creative a good logo should remain timeless. It is all too easy to design to a trend but a logo should have longevity.

Rule 4: Scalability – consider how the logo will look large and small. It is important that it remains legible, even when scaled down small – on a website for example.

Rule 5: If it works in black, it should work in any colour.






































































































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