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10 Product Designers Personal Blogs That You Should Follow

Being a product designer or an industrial designer is an awesome job because you have the opportunity to create things exactly as you want them to be. What I find interesting is that a good product designer is looking for inspiration not only in specialised books or catalogues but also – and mainly – in the consumer’s needs. For example if you have to design a bottle, you will search what are the things that me and other clients love but also hate on the other bottles.

 For the rest of us which are interested in industrial design but don’t work in this field, getting feedback from these professionals is always very useful because we can learn a lot of things. Furthermore, reading a personal blog that belongs to such designer is extremely interesting, especially when it comes to reviews made by these people.

In this article you can see a collection of 10 personal blogs managed by product designers which I follow. I recommend you to take a look because I’m sure that you will find at least one which is interesting.

Andrew Kim


Spencer Nugent


Alberto Vasquez


Kerem Suer


Morgan Knutson


Jeff Broderick


Riley Cran


Jason Wu


Matt Stevens


Sebastian de With



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