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10 Interesting Approaches On Data Visualization

When you want to show others some information about a specific thing, there is a high possibility that you will kill them with boredom because looking at a classic sheet of statistics, graphs and numbers is most of the time extremely uninteresting. Well, if you want to capture all the attention then you should create an infograph because this type of displaying information is more interesting. As a viewer, you get to see the information in a new way which will help you visualize it more easily. In this article I have collected 10 interesting infographs that I have found in the last week.

Beatquake: the Music Listening Activity across Facebook over 90 days

10. interactive data presentation

This infographic is made by Stamen Design for Facebook shows the dynamic characteristics of the typical listening activity across Facebook. The main inspiration behind it is the dynamic movement of a graphic equalizer. It maps the popularity of the top three most popular songs in the U.S., each day over the course of 90 days, by way of vertically moving particles.

The 3D Trajectories of the Tennis Ball during the Final ATP Matches

9. interactive data presentation

Corona Perspectives was created by  JWT Spain and provides an interactive and 3D perspective of all the tennis ball trajectories during 3 past ATP tennis matches. It is extremely interesting because it provides ways of exploring the large amount of tennis game data. Furthermore, interactive timeline at the bottom of the screen allows the filtering of the trajectories according to the successive sets or different points during the match.

Stadtbilder: Mapping the Digital Hotspots of a City

8. interactive data presentation

Stadtbilder was designed by Moritz Stefaner and shows an overview of  hotspots in a city, such as its local restaurants, hotels or clubs. It gets the data from various social media providers such as Yelp and FourSquare, the maps highlight the “living parts” of a city instead of its spatial features like streets, squares or railroads.

A Map of the Age of all Buildings in the Netherlands

1. interactive data presentation

This interactive map shows each building in the Netherlands shaded according to the year of its construction. The map was built on top of the CitySDK, a linked data distribution platform that enables the linking between (mobility) datasets and city services.

PaperScape: an Overview of all Scientific Papers Submitted at arXiv

2. interactive data presentation

The interactive map was created by by high energy physics researcher Damien George and particle physics PhD student Rob Knegjens and provides a visual overview of all the 869,258 scientific physics, mathematics, and computer papers that have been published at open e-print archive arXiv. Every article is represented by a circle with the surface are directly proportional with the number of citations from that paper.

The Flavor Connection: Mapping Commonalities in Food Flavors

3. interactive data presentation

The Flavor Connection was created for Scientific American magazine by Jan Willem Tulp. It maps the similarities of flavor compounds between different foods. Each type of food is displayed using a blue dot, which is sized according to how popular that particular food is in a database containing over 56,498 recipes. Individual foods are connected by red lines when they have specific flavor components in common.

All the Open Datasets from New York City Visualized in a Single View

4. interactive data presentation

This infograph was made by map maker and data junkie Chris Wong and provides a single view of the more than 1,100 open datasets made available by New York City. The visualization consists of a force-directed graph, of which the nodes are colored according to whether the according dataset is a table, chart, map, a file or a user-created view (colored blue).

MovieGalaxies: the Social Graph of Popular Movies

5. interactive data presentation

Movie Galaxies was developed by Jermain Kaminski and Michael Schober and provides an alternative, data-driven experience to the story lines of popular movies. Based on each movie script, all the interactions of the main characters are aggregated, analyzed and represented as an interactive network graph. Each character is represented by a single network node, which is sized accordingly to how connected the respective character is with others.

Watch Dogs: Mapping all Publicly Available Data of a World City

6. interactive data presentation

Watch Dogs – We Are Data was created by Ubisoft, and it is the first website to gather publicly available and real-time data about Paris, London and Berlin in a single interface, more exactly all available data originating from the three cities is visualized on an interactive 3D map, allowing users to discover a data-centric view of their city.

Hot Shot Charts: Data-Based Insights of Past NBA Basketball Games

7. interactive data presentation

Hot Shot Charts was created by a small team of data scientists, analysts and visualization researchers of consulting form Accenture, provides a wide range of data-based insights of the NBA basketball competition matches that were played in 2012. In the chord charts, the arc length represent the number of assists. The paths conveys the number of assists to and from players.


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