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10 Gorgeous Windows 8 Metro Style Icon Packs With More Than 2000 Icons Ready To Be Used

Windows 8 is the newest OS version made by Microsoft and without any doubt, it is the most interesting approach on creating a great user experience. Its design is extremely bold and unique so I believe it will have a high number of adopters. Therefore, if you are a designer and you want to be ready for projects related to Windows 8, you need to study their interface, which was known as Metro. You’ll see that there are different ideas on usability, design and interaction and all the graphic components are not only new but created in a very different manner. The icons are big and usually square, and dynamic.

There is a complex ideology on creating a Windows 8 icon so in this article I have prepared 10 Metro icon sets with gorgeous designs which will help you a lot in your projects.

100 Metro icons

1. metro icons

Metro Uinvert Dock Icon Set – 678 Icons

10. windows 8 icons

Metro UI Dock Icon Set – 678 Icons

2. metro icons

233 Metro styled icons

3. metro icons

130 Free Windows Metro Icons

4. metro icons

MetroStation – 209 icons

5. metro icons

Metro-style icons+RD skin

6. metro icons

Metro Icons for Icon Packager

7. windows 8 icons

135 Metro Style Icons

8. windows 8 icons

789 Modern Metro Style UI Icons

9. windows 8 icons


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