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10 Classic Cartoon Cars

There is something about cars that makes it easy for them to translate to animation. Some of the best elements of cartoons are the cars that were integral parts of the show. Even those that do not have personalities are massively memorable due to the ability of animation to make them everything we have ever wanted in a vehicle. Check out the ten best animated cars of all time.

1. The Batmobile

There have been numerous iterations of the Batmobile in both film and cartoons, but there is something about this iconic car that is best represented through drawings. Larger than life and effortlessly cool, the Batmobile is always the star of Batman cartoons.

2. The Mystery Machine

Scooby scooby doo, where are you? Whenever you see the brightly-coloured Mystery Machine you just know that those meddling kids are about to solve another puzzle.

3. Speed Racer

This cartoon never really had much of a plot, but did it need to when it had one of the coolest, fastest cars to ever grace Saturday morning television?

4. Transformers

They were cars and trucks that could transform into robots. Does anything else really need to be said?

5. Wacky Racers

There’s no way to pick just one of these cars, to which the many arguments we all had as children stand testament. With wacky hi-jinks and special abilities galore, these cars were the stars of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon. Nobody will deny, however, that Dick Dastardly is the boss.

6. The Thundertank

The Thundercats cartoon was a high point in our childhoods and the Thundertank was an important part of its appeal. Part tank, part crouching cat, it was all cool.

7. The Homer

Homer Simpson should never be in charge of anything, and the car that he designed in one episode of the Simpsons is evidence of that. While its total lack of appeal was a central part of the episode’s plot, the car certainly sticks in the mind.

8. Mater

Pixar’s lovable tow-truck from their movie cars is hands down one of the funniest characters to be developed in recent years.

9. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Van

Nobody knows why turtles would want to drive around in a van that looks like a turtle, but it was certainly cool.

10. The Flintstones’ Car

As soon as you see that car in the opening credits, you know exactly what this show is about. The foot-powered car perfectly embodied the philosophy of this iconic show.

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