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10 of the Best Sites that Use Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is, without a doubt, the hottest web development and design trend of the year. By using this amazing tool, developers can give their website depth, interest and an impressive 3D effect. Parallax scrolling has been around for a while and has been used ever since 2D videogames to make the images at the forefront of the screen move at different speeds than those in the background. Lately, however, parallax scrolling has begun to be successfully used in web development and design with stunning results.

Here’s a list of websites that make the best out of the use of parallax scrolling.

1. Puma Mobium


It’s no surprise that big companies have begun to use parallax scrolling in their ad campaigns, the level of interactivity it lends to your website is truly amazing. Take this advertisement from Puma for their running shoes, Mobium, it features a runner, who is naturally wearing Mobium, that runs across your screen making full use of everything horizontal parallax scrolling has to offer. Also, the website has created a few landmarks that the runner stumbles upon in his run that offer you more information about the product.

2. Drug


Drug is a website aimed to raise awareness about the issues most societies have to deal with concerning drug abuse. By using an appropriate palette of colours, the first screen is dark and gloomy, while the others, that show you the options you have to get rid of addiction, are bright and welcoming the website skillfully manages to get the point across. Also, by using the full advantages of parallax scrolling, it offers only essential information about every stage of the rehabilitation process.

3. Too Young to Wed


Too Young to Wed is another website meant to raise awareness, but this time about a humanitarian issue. Through parallax scrolling the website offers viewers a collection of pictures and stories that are meant to illustrate the problems that can appear when the two people entering the marriage don’t have appropriate ages. The message sent is very powerful due to the fact that is skillfully makes use of both visual content and actual testimonials by individuals across the globe whose cultures forced them into marriage too young.

4. Dangers of Fracking


The dangers of fracking is an environmental issue that has provoked very heated arguments lately. This website aims to raise awareness about the potential dangers that can arise from the use of water as a drilling agent that shatters rocks in order to release gas. By using parallax scrolling, the site illustrates the exact process of fracking and the backlash that can appear due to it.

5. Paranorman


Paranorman was a animated film that came out in 2012 and its website was created using the best of what parallax design can offer. By skillfully using parallax scrolling, the website beautifully tells the story of its characters as well as that of the design process that was involved in creating them.

6. Cycelmon


Cyclemon is a website that uses parallax scrolling in order to showcase the different types of bicycles it offers according to the types of people they are best suited for. The display is entertaining and engaging and visitors will most likely be left with a good impression after navigating away.

7. Life of Pi


This website uses parallax scrolling in order to hook the visitor’s interest and bring him further into Pi’s epic journey. The design of this website is unforgettable due to both the amazing artistry and the benefits that parallax scrolling brings to storytelling.

8. TheQ


With a tagline of ‘TheQ, more than a camera’, The Q promises to be an amazing new product that allows you to take pictures and automatically upload them to the internet or on a social media website. The presentation website uses parallax scrolling along with video backgrounds to showcase the camera and its uses in an attractive way.

9. Atlantis World’s Fair


This website is one of the best examples of using parallax scrolling to tell a story within your website. Atlantis World’s Fair is part of the Lost World’s Fairs and features an elevator going down into the depths of the ocean. On the way, you are provided with information about both Atlantis and the different layers of the sea.


10 is a website that commercializes top of the line pencils to be used on iPads and tablets. By using parallax scrolling, the presentation website showcases all the different features of this amazing tool and gives you essential information about it.


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