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Wokiee Shopify – Full Theme Review

WOKIEE is a multipurpose shopify theme. If you are looking for a way you can make your website look professional and creative, then you need to think about the theme. The theme is considered more than just an ordinary theme. You can achieve a lot with the theme. It is a powerful tool which can help you create an online store easily. With WOKIEE shopify theme, your eCommerce store will appear responsive and more attractive. It has all the necessary parameters and modules you need in a professional website design for your eCommerce store. You can be assured of great user experience and saving on time after you decide to work based on the theme when designing your website. It comes with a large collection of style and layouts to make your website look unique. With WOKIEE, you can create different arrangements to satisfy the needs of different users. You will only need a content management system and you will be good to go in your eCommerce design after you opt to adapt the theme in your design. You can easily minimize on expenses and design time. The developers have included almost everything you need to create a reliable website.

WOKIEE features overview

  1. Numerous homepage layouts

The theme comes with several creative homepages. There are also several inpage layouts and skins which can help you achieve great success when building an eCommerce website. There are more than 21 layouts for you to choose the best in your homepage. The homepages are provided based on the niche of the website. You can access almost all popular layouts from major web-stores. WOKIEE shopify theme is fully developed and it can fit into any niche.

The UX team took time to come up with great homepage which can suit different needs. The skins and homepages can easily fit on any website making it a great tool you can utilize to grow your online business. For instance, if you sell electronics, you can easily select a layout which will work well in selling electronics. There are different types of websites you can decide to start. For instance, you may decide to start a fashion store or any other business. The theme allows you to select the best homepage based on your business model.

  1. Mobile optimized design

In today’s world the mobile traffic has surpassed the desktop. The theme takes into consideration the need to have a mobile responsive website hence you will not have to struggle with coding upon installing the theme for your web-store. The theme pays attention to all behaviors of the mobile device users. You will access self-created mobile layouts for different styles. All the styles provided and layouts are available in mobile view allowing you to take advantage of all traffic to your website.

  1. Powerful admin panel

To achieve great control over your website design, the theme has a powerful admin panel from where you can control everything about your website layout. You can easily perform different website manipulations within the control panel. It is very easy to achieve great customization from the control panel.

Apart from the eye catching designs, the theme also offers powerful Shopify admin panel. There are several predefined colors and schemes which make your website design easy. All the imagination of your user has been captured during the design of the theme. There are different elements which attract traffic to your website. The different elements necessary to attract traffic to your website have been captured during the theme design process. WOKIEE is developed with an intention of attracting more people to your products.

  1. Fastest performance

Nowadays many peoples use smartphones to access the internet. The mobile traffic has become more important even more than the desktop traffic. The theme pays special attention to the mobile traffic where you will easily convert traffic from mobile devices. Several customization tools have been provided to make it easy for the website developers to achieve great user experience when optimizing for the mobile users. With Wokiee shopify theme you are assured of excellent mobile functionality.

  1. Ecommerce features

If you are looking for the best theme for your eCommerce website, then you need to go for WOKIEE. There are more than 20 homepage layouts for you to choose the best. Customers will be easily attracted to your online shop thanks to the great theme. For better experience, there are more than 8 shop page layouts where customers can easily view different products. The theme makes it easy to show pricing among other product details.

There are also several other features which can make your eCommerce website run smoothly. Some of the features included in the theme consist of the following:

  • Pre-built 21+ styles
  • Megamenu
  • Filters
  • Banners
  • Color & size swatches
  • Over 20+ homepage layouts
  • Ajax search, filters, load more buttons
  • 8 shop page layouts
  • Attractive font and customization
  • 8 product page layouts
  • Numerous header variants
  • Megamenu
  • Footer Combinations
  • Banners Section
  • Instagram Shop
  • Numerous filters
  • Dynamic Checkout Buttons
  • Newsletter
  • Google Rich snippet tool
  • Easy 1 click install
  • RTL
  • Bootstrap 4
  • OBERLO compatibility
  • Blog
  • GDPR

Benefits of using WOKIEE


  1. Video tutorials and Documentations

You will find WOKIEE Shopify theme very helpful due to the great help provided. Even if you are new to the eCommerce web design, you will never get stranded due to the many tutorials and documentations provided where you can get to learn different aspects of the theme as you work on it. You can access information such as:

  • How to use manual
  • Theme installation guide
  • General settings manual
  • Create a page manual
  • Navigation tools manual
  • Products manual
  • Collections manual
  1. Support system

The questions you will direct to the developers are saved in their feed after which they will offer you quick response. Support is available from Monday to Friday and it will solve all your worries. There is 100% support to all users of the theme.

If you are looking for a theme where you can be assured of the best quality,

then WOKIEE Shopify theme will be the best option. There are several sites which use the eCommerce theme and most of them are highly satisfied. They incorporate the latest technology in their website design which makes them among the best places where you can buy shopify theme.


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