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Why Using Cloudiro Is Really Simple And Effective

Usually when people start an online business, they will look for a great Virtual Private Server Cloud that would make the operations simple and straightforward. Who doesn’t want a simple user interface to control the server and great advantages that powers the online business? That’s why we are recommending Cloudiro that will certainly make a good choice for your online business.


There are a lot of reasons why one should go for the services that Cloudiro has to offer. To begin with, let’s talk about their affordable pricing.

1. Location

Cloudiro has data centers located in three different locations in the world: US, Europe and Asia Pacific. They have a dedicated IPv4, redundant infrastructure, cloud scaling and full control, high memory for each Cloud server.

2. Pricing

The Cloudiro team has done research and figured that a suitable pricing that most customers will be willing to pay for a certain basic level of expectation.

For Dedicated Cloud, Cloudiro’s starting prices are from $30 for US region and $40 for Asia-Pacific region. Small-medium Enterprises can go for Dedicated Cloud, which serves to be a cost effective solution. For companies of a larger strength, Enterprise Cloud is recommended, as there are twice as many CPU cores powering the system. Prices start from $40 for US region and $50 for Asia Pacific region.

3. Simple User Interface

The Cloudiro team has been in the software development business for over 10 years. They know how much people love simplicity and how that really helps everything overall. That’s why they are able to offer to their customers easy to use control panels.

Let’s take a look at how simple we mean to start using Cloudiro. Well, the minute you have chosen Cloudiro as the provider of your VPS hosting, you will see that getting started is within minutes.

Step 1: Pick the configuration

First of all, you must pick the configuration that works best for you. You can do that by simply sliding the node selector and clicking on the dropdown box to select the region. Then add this VM plan to your checkout cart.

Step 2: Make payment

You will proceed to check out and pay payment. Cloudiro accepts PayPal and World Pay. Note that it will be a monthly recurring payment to Cloudiro. For first-time customers, you will get 50% off the first month, but remember to make use of the promotional code.

Step 3:

After making the payment, you will be given access to the control panel immediately. Change your password and add, change or upgrade any details you would like to your account easily.

And if you are still not satisfied with the service, you can obtain a full refund as long as you send them a support ticket within seven days after your purchase.

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