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Why SEO Copywriting Is About More Than Just Keywords

Keyword Research –> Keyword Implementation –> Repeat

The above looks like a pretty sound SEO copywriting strategy doesn’t it? Obviously there are quite a few things that could/should be added to the cycle but essentially that’s what we refer to as SEO copywriting. It’s the implementation of researched keywords to ensure Google can correctly identify and index a webpage for the correct queries. Let me get my breath back…

Of course judging by the title of this post you would have already worked out that I believe the above cycle to definitely not be a fair representation of what SEO is really all about. Although the keywords we use in our content will directly affect our websites rankings there are several indirect factors that SEO has an impact on. All content, if it is engaging and enticing enough, has the potential to build links and attention. A good SEO copywriter is one that has the ability to not only master keyword implementation but who can at the same time create content that is seriously link worthy.

Want to add a touch of Link Building to your SEO copywriting? Follow my 5 simple tips below:

1. Promise your readers something in your titles – Although this applies more to blog posts than to homepage web content it is vital that you use your titles to attract attention and create interest. Look at the title in this post. I promised to tell you that something isn’t as it may seem – I promised to expose a stereotypical convention and you read on. Start your titles with ‘Why’, ‘What’ and ‘How’ and you’ll notice that your content will seem so much more intriguing.

2. Use strong, affirmative language – People link to content that they trust and believe in. If you want your post to gain authority you need to make use of language that is positive and firm. Utilize words such as guarantee, definitely, easy and simple – show your reader that what you are conveying is not only straightforward but also unquestionably true.  Don’t say things like possibly, potentially and probably; all of these words show a weakness in belief and will make your reader lose faith in your content. This point applies to both general web content and blog posts.

3. Format your work appropriately – Make use of bullet points, italics and the ability to make words go bold. This will make your content much more attractive and will greatly increase the chance that it will be shared and referred to. As online searchers we constantly seek some form of visual stimulation when we read content and we tend to naturally shy away from big dry bulks of text – it seems like too much hard work to read. That’s why it is imperative that you increase the visual appeal of your content in whatever way you can.

4. Be honest – Don’t feel pressured into saying the same things as your peers or to make something sound better than it actually is. Be brutally honest with your readers – if you think they’ve been making a silly mistake then tell them that they have. If the entire SEO industry has gone mad let your readership know about it. Believe in your own opinion and other people will believe in you. Link building is all about trust and that’s exactly what frank, in-your-face content can help to create.

5. What I have done is show you that SEO copywriting is a coin with two sides – there is the literal keyword part that we all know about but there is also a significant conversion aspect to it as well. Your ability to convert traffic, attain links and win peoples trust will be defined by the way you approach SEO techniques. You need to have every angle covered and not just be focused on where you’re going to place your next keyword.



Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.