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What year were your favourite logos invented?

Have you ever wondered how old is the logo of your favorite drink or restaurant? Well, in this article you can check out some interesting facts about 10 of the most important logos in the world. Also, at the end of the article you’ll find the dates when they were launched.


Most generations of adults amongst us will have never known life without the famous fast food corporation, McDonalds. However, some of the oldest will remember a time when the concept of fast food was just a twinkle in Richard and Maurice McDonalds’ eyes.

Coca Cola

Possible one of the most famous brands in the world, Coca Cola is essentially a sweet tasting black liquid. But its brand means all sorts of things to its consumers! Whether it’s summer, Christmas, Saturday night, or simply ‘fun’ Coca Cola has it covered!

Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi has been selling cars in the UK for over 25 years, but before venturing into the European market Mitsubishi gained experience building boats (the three diamonds on the logo are a ships propeller) aircraft and even army vehicles !


In World War 1 Count Frencesco Baracca first painted the Cavallino Rampante or prancing horse on the side of his fighter plane. The idea of using it on cars was suggested to Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari by the Counts parents; however it was first used on Alfa Romeo.


Possibly Britain’s most famous entrepreneur, Richard Branson has made Virgin part of our lives. Whether its aircraft, records, digital TV even Coca Cola, Virgin has given it a go! And all in a relativity short period, but what year was that famous logo first sketched onto that napkin?


Now some of you may feel this is a trick question because we are looking for the year the Shell yellow was first used. Before that there were a number of logos that were literally a type of shell, first a mussel was used in 1900 than in 1904 the more familiar scallop was used.


In typical American style, the owner features prominently in the marketing of the product – in this case Colonel Harland Sanders is the face of his brand. The actual KFC logo has only ‘evolved’ a handful of times since its inception.


Guinness was first brewed back in brewed 1778 by Arthur Guinness. And even back then the exported version was different to the Irish one.  However, in a land before the logo maker and with no advertising in the early years, when did they adopt that famous harp logo?

Pepsi – Cola

Yes the other ‘cola’ has been around far longer than you think, taking on Coca Cola for over 100 years. With one of the world’s most recognised logos when was the Pepsi brand first seen?


They are literally on every corner if you wonder through the world’s biggest cities. That sort of global success takes hundreds of year’s right? Wrong, but, how long from logo concept to coffee house domination?

And here are the answers, any surprises in there for you?

McDonalds – 1961

Coca Cola – 1885

Mitsubishi Motors – 1870

Ferrari – 1947

Virgin – 1979

Shell – 1948

KFC – 1952

Guinness – 1862

Pepsi-Cola – 1898

Starbucks – 1971


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