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What are the Qualities of a Good Website, Let’s Talk About That

Your website is the digital facade of your brand. It has to be appealing to your target audience and organized in a manner that can deliver your brand message. This is why your web design constitutes an important aspect of the marketing process. Many businesses neglect to create a high-quality website or they might not have a website in the first place, but if you wish for your marketing campaign to succeed, you’ll need to work on better representing your website. If you want to know how to do this, we list in the following guide the qualities that a good website should have.

Your Website is Optimized for Mobile Devices

It’s needless to say that your website should have good content and a configuration that can be displayed on all devices. Internet surfers are now increasing the time they spend on the internet because they’re staying at home, but they’re also using mobile and tablet devices to access different platforms. That’s why multiple website owners are opting for responsive design experts to make their websites visible to mobile users. This is because their responsive web design services guarantee that the different components of their website, like pictures, graphs, texts, etc. will be displayed correctly on all devices. This can be done without having to rely on old web designing strategies, such as the M configuration that requires creating a new URL to every page, or dynamic serving, which basically works in the same way the M configuration does, but with new HTML to your website pages.

It Is User-Friendly

To make your website user-friendly, you need to understand the mindset of your audience, as they’re doing this. Most web surfers need instant gratification and they’re always in a rush to get what they want. So, your website’s interface needs to accommodate this need. Creating a logical navigation experience, easy-to-use layouts, and visual cues can be useful and will make visitors more inclined to explore your website. These elements, mainly make up a successful User Experience (UX) and should satisfy both browsers, target audiences, and visitors who came to your website to search for something specific. If you want to make sure that your website runs correctly, you can do alpha and beta testing before it’s up and running.

High-Quality Content

You can’t have a successful and fully-functional website without having some quality content to go with it. Your target audience should have a few things in common, based on their demographic characteristics, so writing your website upon this data will make your content more appealing to your visitors. Make sure that you avoid jargon, acronyms, business-speak, or any form of language that can confuse the readers. Your content should also be updated regularly, with a writing style similar to the one used in blogs and social media. It should also be engaging in a way that keeps your audience coming back for more content. Of course, writing quality content needs a bit of time and investment for it to take effect.


In order for your website to be user-friendly for everyone, you need to make it accessible to all visitors no matter where they live and whether they have a disability or not. Some websites, for example, can’t be accessed according to the country you live in, which forces people visiting your website to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or they’ll stop trying to access your website altogether. Blind people use screen readers, so you’ll need to integrate this function into your web design so it can be accessed easily through screen readers. You can do this by checking out the WCAG (Website Content Accessibility Guidelines) to help you understand how to improve your accessibility. 

Color Scheme

It should be noted that the color schemes, graphs, and placement of pictures and keywords all play a major role in making your website look pleasing to your audience. If done correctly, the content arrangement on your website will have a positive psychological effect on your audience and may even prompt them to take a certain action (to purchase a product for example), so make sure that you’re always using pleasing color schemes. Be mindful that you should use contrasting colors, especially with texts, so that your audience can read and view your content easily.

Knowing what can make your website attractive for visitors should increase the number of your visitors, which in turn will make your brand more visible. Also, you shouldn’t design your website on your own, as multiple web designing services can provide your website with these qualities and align their designs with your website’s goal and the purpose of your brand.


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