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We Tested Almost 50 Web Tools

We tested 50+ web tools and services and we reviewed all of them on short.


If you always wanted to have a one-for-all article regarding the very best web solutions for different needs, here it is.


Find included all the web tools and services that you will need as a web designer, developer, or online entrepreneur:


– WordPress plugins, themes, and dedicated services

low code platform

– logo builders

– invoicing software

– employee monitoring software
website building software
– one of the best web app companies in New York

– email templates

– email marketing software

+much more


Take your time to read the whole article and test all the web tools you find interesting and useful for your projects.


  1. Ramotion

Top companies work with top agencies for brand identity, website design, app development, UI/UX design, and other services.


Ramotion is a top-choice for powerful technology companies and startups, working with these 50+ experts to reach their targets.


Get a free quote if you are looking for one of the best agencies in the world.


  1. TheDock — WordPress Full Site Editor


You have a WordPress website and you want to add pages and make some edits, but you don’t know how and you don’t want to hire a designer and pay him loads of money?


Why don’t you use TheDock?


This is a WordPress full site editor that transformed the way we edit and personalize our WordPress websites.


It is very simple to use and intuitive.


Start a free demo and see how easy it is to use.


  1. Dr. Link Check



Dr. Link Check will check your website for broken links and missing images, and send you a full report that can be exported to CSV or PDF format, so you can share it with your team members.


In plus, you can schedule crawls and automatically be notified by email whenever a link breaks and needs repair.


The platform is free to use for websites with up to 1,500 links.


  1. Taskade — Collaborative To-do List for Remote Teams


Taskade is a professional collaboration tool that smashed the industry by including all the powerful features that many solutions have, all in one solution.


The software is lightning fast, intuitive, and simple to use.


Give it a try, you will be amazed by Taskade usefulness.


  1. Mobirise Website Builder Software

Mobirise is a powerful and complete offline website builder that you can use to create any kind of website you want:


– Personal

– Blog

– Business

– Portfolio

– Agency

– Creative

– Etc.

Give it a try.


  1. 8bio Link in Bio

You want to add links in your Instagram and TikTok bio?


Use 8bio and you are good to go immediately.


Try it now.


  1. TestingBot: Cross Browser Testing and Mobile App Testing

TestingBot is one of the most popular cross-browser testing services in the industry.


The solution is fully loaded with the latest technologies and features, and in the same time it is very simple to use and intuitive.


Sign up for the free trial.


  1. Relevant Software

Relevant is a premium web design and web development agency which has 8 years experience in the industry, providing exceptional quality for companies from industries like Fintech, Construction, PropTech, Retail, Healthcare, and Media.


Reach out for a free consultation.


  1. Employee Monitor Software

You are looking for a powerful employee monitoring software?


Controlio has everything you need, being the favorite choice of tons of companies from all parts of the world.


Sign up for a free trial and see how it works.


  1. DWS


DWS agency will help you with digital marketing, web design, web development, SEO, PPC, and much more.


Their team has tens of professionals ready to work with you on your projects.


Get a free quote and start working with DWS.


  1. 8b Easy Website Builder

If you are a marketer, online entrepreneur, or just a person that needs a website, you should use 8b.


This is the simplest website builder in the industry, but even so, it is full of powerful features and gorgeous template designs.


Create your site now with 8b.


  1. Complete SEO Agency

Complete SEO will boost your website organic traffic and rankings, helping you reach the targets you always wanted.


It is very simple to work with this agency, having tons of experience with companies of all sizes and from different industries.


Reach out for a free quote.


  1. Beautifully designed email templates


Mailmunch is one of the very powerful email marketing platforms that works!


The platform helps ecommerce businesses to boost their email conversions using forms, landing pages and email campaigns.


Designing emails is never easier! Read this article on best email designs and see how you can create and execute top notch email marketing campaigns.


  1. Email Templates for Webinar


You are looking for email templates for webinars?


Unlayer has tons of such templates for you, just take a look.


All of them are pixel-perfect and are heavily optimized for conversions.

Pick the one you like and customize for your needs.


  1. Web Design Auckland

Web Design Auckland is an all-in-one boutique agency that will help you with everything you need:


  • Custom Web Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Hosting
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Video


They put enormous accent on quality and creativity, being highly popular in the industry for this.


Get a free quote.


  1. Kansas City Web Design

Shot of a Desktop Computer with Food App User Interface Developing Software Standing on the Wooden Desk in the Creative Cozy Living Room. In the Background Warm Evening Lighting and Open Space Studio.


Kansas City SEO is responsible for crafting some of the best websites in the world, and some of the best SEO strategies that generated impressive amounts of organic traffic.


Reach them for a free consultation.


  1. Web design services


Upqode is an awarded agency that will build you stunning WordPress websites, no matter the industry you are in.


Their team invests important time to deliver outstanding quality and the results look great.


Reach them out for a free consultation.


  1. Podcast Booking Agency

Do you know that podcasting is the favorite marketing strategy of professional marketers and online entrepreneurs?


You should try it too.


Podcasting generates impressive amounts of traffic and sales for your business.


Hire podcastbookers to start getting invited as a guest to awesome podcasts.


It is very simple.


  1. Upsell Shopify Apps

You always wanted to add upsells and cross-sells to your Shopify store so you can heavily improve revenue?


Do it now with HoneyApps free solution.


It is very simple to use, the process being highly intuitive.


  1. Heroic Inbox

HeroicInbox created a stunning WordPress plugin that lets you manage customer support emails directly from the website interface.


Using this method, you will save time and money.


Try it.


  1. Chicago Web Design Company is responsible for crafting some very cool websites.


Their work looks spectacular, and all the website they create are optimized for SEO, traffic, and conversions.


Reach them out for a free quote.


  1. Total WordPress Theme


Total is a premium WordPress theme that you can use right away, without paying for additional plugins, to create all kinds of websites.


The premade themes look stunning and you can install them with just 1-click.


Take a look at Total theme.


  1. Corporate translation services

Finger pressing multilingual support buttons and choosing english language. Composite image between a hand photography and a 3D background.

No matter how complicated is the translation you need, BeTranslated has the right experience and team members to help you right away.


They work with international companies from all parts of the world, and their rates are affordable.

Get a free quote.


  1. Kansas City SEO

Business concept of the first startup with a rocket on the blue background. Eps 10 vector file.

Kansas City SEO is generating huge loads of organic traffic for their customers.


They work with companies of all sizes and from very different industries, adapting perfectly to the customer needs and targets.


Get a free quote.


  1. The Most Complete & Customizable WooСommerce Theme


You want to start your first WooCommerce shop?


Get XSTORE, it comes loaded with 100+ shop designs that will help you create any kind of online shop you want.


  1. Invoice Software for Cleaners

InvoiceBerry is a popular invoicing software that is used by cleaning companies from all parts of the world.


The platform is very simple to use and intuitive.


Sign up for the free trial.


  1. Embed a Blog


Bloghandy will embed a ready-to-go blog into your website with just 2 lines of code.


The blog is SEO-friendly and it is optimized for huge loads of traffic.


Try it for free.


  1. Litho – Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme


No matter what kind of website you want to create, Litho will help you right away.


This multipurpose Elementor WordPress theme is loaded with tons of stunning templates, and it is very simple to use.


Take a look.


  1. SEO Services Dublin

Partner with AspireMedia and let them supercharge your website with the right SEO strategy.


They will make your website generate more organic traffic and rank higher in search engines.


And all of that for affordable rates.


Reach them out for a free consultation.


  1. Everytale

You want to create, promote, and broadcast events?


With Everytale it is very simple.


The platform lets you do online events of all sizes, effortlessly.


Find out more about Everytale.


  1. Pixpa – Portfolio Websites for Designers


Pixpa is a professional builder that will help you create stunning portfolios to showcase and sell your work.


It is loaded with pixel-perfect templates and graphics, and it is very simple to use.


Try it now for free.


  1. Woocommerce Product Table

Woocommerce product table plugin is a powerful tool for the WordPress platform. It allows users to manage products on their website through an easy-to-use interface. Woocommerce Product Table Plugin is a useful plugin for anyone who wants to display products in a table form. It has great features including precision sorting, filtering, quick search, and custom columns. The plugin also includes advanced features like an exportable CSV file. Woocommerce Product Table free plugin is easy to install and customize. It comes with various styles that can be chosen according to user preference. The plugin can be customized to have an unlimited number of columns with any kind of content. Users are able to set the table border width, row height, row spacing, column widths, and header styles.

  1. – offensive & defensive security operations company

Cybersecurity is more important now than ever.


There are tons of online threats and the bad thing is that most people and companies are not aware of them, so they don’t protect themselves, their families, and their companies.


Hire, a huge name in the cybersecurity world that helps startups and digital businesses protect themselves.


Protect yourself.


  1. Content Snare


Are you tired of chasing your customers and partners for information?


Content Snare will do the hard work, in your place, after a basic configuration.


Try the platform, it works incredibly well.


  1. Soft UI Dashboard Builder

Use this builder to create custom dashboards, all by yourself, in a matter of minutes.


The platform is full of stunning blocks that you just drag and drop as you need.


Try the free demo, the builder works awesome.


  1. The Gray Dot Company


Do you want a PPC expert to audit your Pay Per Click campaigns? It is important to know if you are doing it right, and what you can do to improve.


The Gray Dot Company can help you with strategic guidance to “get you there”.


  1. Goodie

Goodie is the web development partner you always wanted as a web designer.

They deliver work on time and in your budget, while they keep the quality at its highest level.


Reach them out for a free quote.


  1. Tulsa Web Design

Are you looking to revamp your web presence with a professional website? Look no further! Hire Jordan Smith is a Tulsa web design company with over 10 years of experience producing professional websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes all over the United States.

Are you an attorney or law firm looking to attract more clients? Or a blogger seeking to increase your online presence? Or an eCommerce store looking to increase sales. Whatever industry you’re in, Hire Jordan Smith can work with you to create a strategically designed website that will help you reach your digital goals.

Get a free quote from Hire Jordan Smith.

  1. Font Identifier

WhatFontIs is the leading font identifier in the industry, being the only true solution to identify fonts from images.

The solution is absolutely free to use, and it is the only font identifier that identifies both free and paid fonts.

Try it now.

  1. React Material UI Template

WrapPixel is a premium producer of React Material UI Templates, putting huge accent on quality and speed.

Take a look at their template’s library, you will find hidden gems.

  1. Online Group Chat Platform for Websites Live Events and Q&A

RumbleTalk will add a moderated chat on your website quickly and without effort, with just a few clicks.


Engage your website audience with these chats, and improve your conversions.


Try it now.


  1. Futr Futuristic Font

Futr is a regular unique futuristic font with geometric rounded corners and uppercase style. The font is perfect for science and technology related theme. It can also be used for logo, t-shirt design, banner, packaging designs, magazine, headings, display quotes, print and more. The font includes numerals, punctuation marks, and special characters.

  1. RocketHub

RocketHub is a hub that supports entrepreneurs by introducing them to the wonderful world of lifetime deals, so they can achieve their goals without having to deal with little hurdles their slow down their growth process.

  1. DraftPress

Header Footer Code Manager Pro plugin is a WordPress code snippets manager that allows you to add your code snippets to your site without editing theme files.

Choose your placement and exactly when and where the code snippet should fire.

Forget about trying to determine which code snippets exist on your site and why. Header Footer Code Manager is the snippets manager that should be part of WordPress core.

  1. Ampfluence

Gaining followers is not an easy job to do.


Without help, getting real and targeted followers for Instagram is a time-consuming process.


But you don’t have to do it alone because Ampfluence team will do it for you, and boy are they good at it!


Find out more about Ampfluence.


  1. Hoverex

Hoverex is an easy-to-edit WordPress theme that will come in handy to both beginners and experts in the web design industry. It features a straightforward design, which should be the perfect choice for building cryptocurrency and ICO websites. The theme features a fully responsive and Retina-ready layout. It’s speed-optimized and SEO-friendly, which guarantees that your site will be more findable in search engines. The theme is made with the Elementor page builder, which lets you easily modify multiple sections of your site without tweaking a single line of code.


  1. Qwery

The Qwery WordPress theme can be a perfect choice for a wide range of personal and business websites. It’s made with the Elementor page builder, which lets you modify its pagescode-free. There are many stunning demos available in the theme. They suit topics ranging from spa and beauty to business and corporate affairs. Every skin is bundled with the essential tools and elements that let you launch a topic-specific site straight out of the box. The theme is also loaded with two booking options. The full WooCommerce support lets you build an online store without much effort.


  1. Kicker

Kicker WordPress theme is a modern and trendy web design solution suited for a quick start of blogs and media sites. It’s a ready-made web design for blogs,  online portfolios, and eCommerce sites. The theme features full WooCommerce support and a range of features suited for building conversion-oriented websites. It’s easy to customize the theme without any coding skills due to the Elementor page builder. The theme is optimized for a speedy performance across all kinds of handheld and desktop devices. The full compatibility with Gutenberg lets you create outstanding content personalized according to your specific needs. It also provides access to the ever-growing collection of demo skins and customization options.


  1. Freelance Logo Design

Freelance Logo Design is the most popular logo design contest platform in the industry.


Use it to get stunning logos created by real designers, without spending a fortune.


Try it now.




All these web tools will make your life easy and will help you launch your online business in a matter of hours, not weeks, months, or even years.


Here is a tip, take a minute and run your site through a broken link checker, even if you just created it.


You never know how a link breaks and creates damage.