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Ways to Increase Your Chance to Find a Job Online

Thanks to the advent of the digital age, we can now find jobs online as opposed to being resigned to more conventional methods, such as in newspapers or on flyers. Job listings online draw a lot of traffic, and with that in mind, it can be quite difficult for you to stand out and get the recognition you deserve. An average job listing is estimated to draw over 1000 hits in a few hours, that’s a lot of people to compete with, and it can be slightly off-putting. Notwithstanding, there are a few things you can do to make you stand out from the crowd, and when applying for jobs online, you most definitely want to stand out. From well-designed and eye-catching resumes to well-written cover letters, there are many ways for you to increase your chances of finding a job online, and here are some of them!


Host Your Resume Online

A more conventional method of handing your resume into a company would be by letter or email, but very recently people have started hosting websites with their resume on to catch the eye of talent scouts and would-be employers. Hosting your website online is a fantastic way to have your CV out there for everybody to see, and it certainly shows initiative, and initiative is something you need to stand out. There are tonnes of fantastic resume website design ideas that you can use for your website. When you are hosting your resume online, it is best to lean toward a more sleek, minimalist aesthetic, otherwise, you risk appearing ostentatious and pushing people away; employers want to see what you have to offer with regard to your experience in the field and references, and are not interested in an overly showy or pretentious website.  

Hosting your resume online can be quite simple, but it is important that you find a decent web host so that your website works with maximum optimization and does not lag or glitch. If a would-be employer is perusing your page and all of a sudden is kicked off of finds the page to load slowly, they are likely to see that inefficiency as a reflection of you, or grow tired, and close the page. For that reason, be sure to use a good provider that can offer you maximum efficiency and speed.

Create an Eye-Catching Cover Letter

A cover letter is instrumental in drawing an employer’s attention to you. It is very important that for any career you hope to pursue that you have a well written and well thought out cover letter. Many times, before even looking at your resume, an employer will scan your cover letter, and if it is too much or too little, they will not even open your resume. You should make sure that you properly design and create your cover letter, as it will speak numbers about you and may be the first thing your employer looks at.


Make sure your resume and cover letter are completely unique and not plagiarised. If an employer discovers that it was in fact plagiarised, they may fire you or reprimand you. Stealing other people’s intellectual property can land you in a lot of trouble and you can find yourself being fined, or even in serious cases, arrested.


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