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Improve The Content Creation With Visme – Web Tool

Good content plays an important role in promoting your company and engaging the audience. Given the fact that a lot of information is delivered nowadays through visual means, the way you share your ideas is crucial for your success. That’s why we present you a great tool that will help anyone translate their thoughts into engaging visual content, thus improving their marketing strategy!

2. Visme

It is called of: presentation, infographics, reports, web content, product presentations or wireframes. All you have to do is to sign up on their website, even if you have no coding or design experience, and you will get the chance to publish your own professional looking piece of content just minutes later!

How? Thanks to Visme’s simplicity and its great collection of templates and graphics, the design process is extremely easy and can be done by anyone, with an almost guaranteed unique result. They provide you with a drag-and-drop editor and a lot of customization options that we will discuss next, from millions of high-quality images, thousands of icons, over 100 fonts to the ability to add video, upload or record audio.

Now, let’s talk about the whole process of creating with Visme.


When you start using Visme, you will be given a dashboard that has all the necessary options for producing high-quality and unique content. As I told you before, they have multiple types of visual content. Therefore, they give you the perfect starting point, by letting you either choose from a template or start new. You can create a blank canvas with custom dimensions (think about Facebook or web banners), or choose from hundreds of beautiful fully-customizable infographic, banner ads, and presentation templates, that can be great if you are a beginner.

The infographics, for example, have a really big impact on the audience, as they are very appreciated now. They can turn any kind of unattractive data into a beautiful and easy-to-understand piece of information. Thanks to the over 50 different and appealing templates, you can easily create a unique look, that will become for sure useful for the social media engagement. Speaking of customizing, simply clicking on any of the templates will get you started. No more costly infographics or wasted time on creating from scratch, as Visme gives you high-quality templates for every type of infographic you could think of!

Next, the presentation feature is a nice alternative to programs like PowerPoint or KeyNote. So, if you’re used to working with those, Visme can be your secret weapon to present your ideas visually. There is not such a big difference between presentation and infographics customisation features, as the same drag-and-drop interface is used and everything runs just as smoothly. The only changed thing is that you are working with slides instead of a longer canvas, which makes you able to add new slides, too.

Lastly, Visme also allows you to create banners. Whether you want to create a banner which is of a standard size for websites to display, or ad networks like Google Adsense, the dashboard allows you to select between a wide range of banner dimensions or, even more, to configure a custom size. L
ike we said, Visme gives you a big range of templates for each dimension, which makes the design part more easy and attractive.

Alongside presentations, infographics and banner, is the option to create a custom dimension project. This simply allows you to work on a blank canvas of a size which you personally configure. You have all the same options available, so you can create whatever you like. Posters, flyers, banners, and everything in between.


So, you chose the desired template. Then what? It is your time to have fun, by playing with the editing options! This is an extremely easy part because all you have to do is to click on elements in order to edit text, move things around, and so forth. You can change what you want, when you want, giving full personality to your work. In addition, the toolbar located on the left hand side gives you a lot of customization options. For instance, you can add shapes, images, icons, videos, charts, graphs and audio. You’ve also got a variety of options for graphics and logos to add in as well, which makes the design process so much simpler than having to look around the internet for what you need. Besides this, you can even insert 3rd party content! All these together make sure you get the wanted result that fits your exact needs!


Apart from these, Visme allows you to go beyond static content, by adding interactivity to any object. Thus, it gives you the chance to animate as well as to assign links and pop-ups to any object. So, after you place the projects on the canvas and customize them, you can liven them up a bit too. Using this feature, you can specify, for example, when and how objects appear or their transition times, through options like images sliding in from the left, icons slowly fading in, etc. The best part? During work you benefit of a handy preview option that allows you to see the animation in real-time, as an end-user would see it.


The last part of the whole design process is, of course, the publishing. Firstly, you have full privacy controls, that meaning you can choose whether you want to make your project private or public to show to anyone. Then, we are happy to announce you that Visme is fully HTML5-based, so all content is web and mobile friendly. Therefore, content can be shared with a URL, embedded in a website, or downloaded as an image, a PDF, or HTML-5 depending on your payment plan. With a Premium account, you can even download content for offline use and also password protect your content.


Now, what about the cost? To begin with, you don’t have to pay to use Visme. You can simply register and start using Visme Basic, which is totally free and can be used as long as you want with no obligations. Only if you want to make the most of the premium features, you could upgrade to Premium, which is really affordable.


At last, we can strongly affirm that Visme has what it takes to create fantastic projects. Thanks to a dedicated team that is passionate about visual content, they have developed a huge library of original and useful content for people to use. Unlike similar tools, Visme succeeds by allowing you to do more. Therefore, it has the perfect balance between giving you hundreds of professional templates and the ability to fully customize your design when you need to. From infographics, presentations to banner ads or customised projects, it represents a great tool to give life to your ideas. In a world that’s mostly concerned with the visual part, using Visme will for sure be a good addition to your company’s marketing. Start improving your data visualisation now! :)


Alexandru is the co-owner of TopDesignMag. “If it looks easy, it's hard. If it looks hard, it's impossible. If it looks impossible, it's due tomorrow. At 8 A.M.”