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Very Creative Examples Of Calendar Designs

The notion of calendar is very old and important, but most often its design is not so important because when someone is using one, it’s more interested on the days printed on it, rather the look. But hey, we are designers so why should we ignore this problem? In this article you can see a gallery with some very creative examples of calendars printing.

Meadowlark Creative Letterpress Coaster Calendar

Design credits: Meadowlark Creative

Monnet Design Holiday Cards

Design credits: Monnet Design

Lunisolar Calendar

Design credits: Tan Hong Guan of PRODDDesign, Jonathan Yue

2011 Time Traveler’s Calendar

Design credits: Alex Griendling

Calendar made of matches

Life Calendar: How was your day?

Status Calendar

Calendar Illusion 2011

Helvetica Calendar 2008

Spiral calendar 2010

Audi Russia Calendar 2011

Office Calendar


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