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Using Big Images In Web Design

The fastest way to communicate with readers is by using graphics because an image will always be the first thing the brain will scan and also, let’s face it: a web site which is full with text is not so attractive. Humans want to recognize objects or feelings that they know when they are looking at something, so that’s why using big and expressive images it’s almost every time a success.

For example, if you design a website which it’s related to a big concert, then you need to bring the coolness of it to the visitors. Add pictures with the band, the crowd, the place, pictures with people having a lot of fun, in such way that when someone who’s seeing the website can feel that atmosphere.

Let’s compare two traveling websites: and I uploaded two areas from their index pages, and as we can see, on we can already make an idea about what’s all about. We have a short text “Find a place to stay” and a large picture which shows us an example. Everything is simple, all we have to do is to tell them where we want to go and when we hit the search button, we will expect pictures just like the one which is on the right side of the button.

On the other part, when we go to (or any other large traveling websites), we see a lot of useless text with special deals in various places, but we can’t make an idea about the content. – the good – the bad

In this article you can see what I mean. Let’s take the first example, Quinta Splendida. This site belongs to a great hotel in Madeira. When you explore it, you can see a simple and small menu in the left part and some big beautiful images with the place and the environment. We don’t get bored by useless texts with metaphoric descriptions and promises; we simply see the real deal and that’s what makes us go there. Simply putted, we can imagine ourselves right in that spot, enjoying a great vacation.

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