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Useful Free UI Design Tools

With the increasing use of multimedia as part of the GUI, sound, voice, motion video, and virtual reality interfaces seem likely to become part of the GUI for many applications. A system’s graphical user interface along with its input devices is sometimes referred to as its “look-and-feel.”

The GUI familiar to most of us today in either the Mac or the Windows operating systems and their applications originated at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Laboratory in the late 1970s. Apple used it in their first Macintosh computers. Later, Microsoft used many of the same ideas in their first version of the Windows operating system for IBM-compatible PCs.

When creating an application, many object-oriented tools exist that facilitate writing a graphical user interface. Each GUI element is defined as a class widget from which you can create object instances for your application. You can code or modify prepackaged methods that an object will use to respond to user stimuli.

Small GUI Pack

Eclipse Stencil for OmniGraffle

Dijit – The Dojo Toolkit



LivePipe UI


Free Web UI Wireframe Kit

Wireframe Magnets (DIY Kit)

EightShapes Unify

Quommunnication Stencil Kit

Facebook Applications Stencil Kit

Flex Stencil Kit

Massive Web UI & Button Set

Best Practice UX Forms Stencil



User Interface Design Framework


Unique Mobile UI Design Elements

OSX Leopard GUI Set

ALL In One Web Elements Kit


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