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USA National Team Uniforms & Typeface

Branding, uniform and typographic design for Team USA Hyper Elite basketball uniforms, to be worn at the London Olympics in 2012. Working with the Creative Director of Nike Basketball apparel, Darrin Crescenzi established a design vision for the uniform — a principle Darrin called the “flicker effect,” wherein a single neutral body color is visible while a player is inactive, with a flash of pop color revealed during a defensive stance, dunk or jump shot — inspired by the defensive behaviors of certain wild fish and birds. The back of the uniform features a ventilation pattern in the shape of the American flag.

The chest badge logo, constructed using the 26 degree chevron from Nike heritage, is meant to be wildly different than anything ever seen on a USA uniform before. Its upward movement references high-flying athleticism, and its composition is meant to evoke the badging of super hero costumes. The uniform is blocked in various 26 degree angles, which also inform the custom typeface, developed in three weights and a full character set for international uniforms.

Creative Director: Ryan Aanderud. Design with Eric Duvauchelle. Nameplate typeface with Esther Chang. Athlete imagery by Nike Basketball Brand Design.














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