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Uptime Robot – Website Monitoring Services Fully Reviewed

Are there websites that are not monitored? Yet? Yes they are, plenty of them. Building a website (we are launching a new service of TDM network and a well reputed web development company asked us no less than $18,500 for making it from scratch) and after that make people come to it and spend time, means lots of money, literally lots of money. Who can afford to have an offline website or a website with a catastrophic response time? We can lose money, traffic, subscribers and our image to be affected by the problem.

These can be only a bad dream, not the reality we are living. There are lots of website monitoring services on the market, with positive and negative things.

Today we will fully review UptimeRobot, a solution that we’ve tested for already 1 month and we love it.

With more than 400,000 users, including companies like Mini, Stapes, Expedia or FANDANGO, UptimeRobot is one of the most accessible and trusted website monitoring services on the market. It was launched in January 2010 and they are offering a forever free plan since then. Only after 5 years, in 2015, they had introduced a pro plan with great extra things included that we will get into a bit later.


  • Multiple types Check HTTP(s), ping, port and keywords.
  • Get alerted Via e-mail, SMS, Twitter, push, Slack, HipChat, web-hooks…
  • Reach the stats View uptime, downtime and the response times.
  • Verification: Verifies downtime from multiple locations.
  • Advanced notifications Ignore minor downtimes by setting “alert once (or every x minutes) if down for y minutes”
  • Maintenance windows Define time periods in order to not get monitored.
  • API Perform almost every task with the REST API.
  • Public status pages Share the stats with your teammates and/or visitors (demo).

The Monitoring system

Uptime Robot uses a distributed monitoring system to minimize false-positives. All primary checks are made from the main engines in Dallas-USA. However, once a downtime is detected, secondary requests to verify this downtime is sent from remote nodes that are located in different countries/continents.

The main monitoring location is in Dallas-USA and there are other nodes in other countries/continents to verify down statuses.

Keep in mind that remote nodes currently have dynamic IPv6 addresses

 Sign-up for a new account

There are 2 types of account, both taking you less than a couple of minutes to sign-up for and set up.

  1. Forever free account

Things included:

  • 5 minutes monitoring intervals
  • 50 monitors
  • No “Pro SMS” messages. SMS messages are added to the account only once (they don’t renew) and more messages can be purchased anytime. They can be purchased anytime from the “My Settings” page once logged-in (they are priced “$15 for 50 SMS” or “$25 for 100 SMS”).
  • 2 months of logs
  1. Pro plan

 Things included:

  • 1-minute monitoring intervals (faster downtime detection)
  • Starts 50 Monitors and can be upgraded to 20,000 Monitors
  • 10 “Pro SMS” messages
  • 12 months of logs Advanced notifications (alert once or every “x” minutes if down for “y” minute

If needed, the Pro Plan subscription can be canceled anytime and instantly from the “My Settings” page once logged-in.

Pricing with 50 Monitors included: $4,5 per month billed annually or $5.50 month-to-month Note: 20% discount is already applied.

Whenever needed, contact the support team, they are friendly and eager to help. Start using UptimeRobot, it is a professional and free website monitoring service.


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