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Top 4 Uses For Inspectlet

If you have never heard of Inspectlet, you’ll want to read on.

The team at Inspectlet have put together a tool that records videos of your visitors as they use your site. You can imagine how powerful insight like this could be.

In this article, we will go over the top 4 uses for InspectLet beyond the obvious. When you have a piece of software that basically lets you look over the shoulder of your website visitors, you can come up with some very actionable processes to transform that data in revenue.

#1 Conversion Rate Optimization

Any website wants to increase the rate at which visitors convert into customers. However, a lot of the time this is done by the marketing department with guesswork.

However, with Inspectlet, you can see where the conversion breakdown occurs on your website and why.

For example, maybe your visitors are waiting too long for the site to load and you need a faster web host? You will see this and numerous other insights which you can act on instead of using best guesses. Research shows that slowing loading times due to poor code or slow, cheap web hosts contribute to a loss of over 1 trillion in global e-commerce.

#2 – Find UX/UI Errors

This tool will help you find spots where your users are getting stuck. Example: maybe your menu is misleading and people are trying to click over and over in the space place.

With Inspectlet, you will be able to find and fix these user experience issues so you can stop frustrating your users.

What’s more, Inspectlet lets you log Javascript and other errors during user visits. That means if a visitor reports experiencing an error, you can play back the session and watch not only the error happen, but the specific server and javascript responses at the time to pinpoint the issue.

#3 – Monitor Searches

If your website uses a search function to allow users to navigate around, you may want to know exactly what the user is searching for not just which page they landed up on.

However, most analytics tools will only give you the visitors landing page, not the exact search the user used internally.

This information can be vital to making business and marketing decisions to attract more users. That’s why Inspectlet lets you monitor all inputs into the search bar in real time, so you can see what keywords your visitors are using when navigating around your site.

#4 – Get Updated Real Time

With Inspectlet, you can set notifications to be pushed to your favorite messaging services like Slack or Email. Why might this be useful?

Because unlike with conversion based analytics tools, Inspectlet gives you a wide range of ways to use this data.

For example, maybe you want to track billing issues and payment form issues? You can also use it to see which visitors have been visiting which content and how they are interacting with it. For example, say you just posted a new blog posts.

In order to optimize that post, you may want to monitor how people read it for the first 24 – 48 hours. That way you can ensure it has been formatted in a way that is resonating with users.


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