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Tips for Designing a Company Logo

Before you even graphically design a logo, it is assumed to have taken the time to search for an original name and must be able to express in one or a few words. A common mistake to avoid is to seek inspiration from clip art and images downloaded from photo sharing sites, or create your logo with free programs. To generate logos, do it yourself.

The logo represents the identity of your company and it must have the characteristics of uniqueness and recognition, while the do-it-yourself solutions offer logos at very cheap prices, and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Here are some tips to design a logo Original, authoritative and long lasting.

Focuses on simplicity

Focus on Ideas

An overly complex logo can be difficult to reproduce, chosen for a variety of media (business cards, billboards, letterhead, envelopes, commercial, etc.) Moreover, it is difficult to remember, as well as develop. Logos shown allow greater freedom of expression and often represent the best way to represent graphically but they require considerable skill in drawing. Alternatively, you could sketch out your ideas on paper and then transform them into works of art by professional designers.

Let the ideas flow

ideas flow

Logos shown aside, if this is, the first attempt to design a logo includes unnecessary risk of losing in analysis. You desire that your new logo graphically represent a set of quality. Company could take you to rack your brain to find more visual images possible. Sometimes an idea very elaborate may be less powerful than a simple and seemingly trivial. Not thinking too much and, to start, let it flow on paper everything that goes through your mind.

A logo should not necessarily portray what the company does

portray what the company

The temptation to create a logo that illustrates with drawings should produce reasonable reality. For instance, the golden arches of McDonald’s do not look like a burger or the fries, the mustache of Nike , perhaps one of the most successful logos of all time, is hardly a pair of shoes and everyone knows that Apple does not sell apples. Making a logo describing an element of society, in some cases, it may also be discouraged; when the company has founded recently and has not yet clearly defined its directions.

A logo should express the company’s values

clear massage

While graphically the logo does not have to remember what kind of business the company does, it is equally true that we should not forget what feelings the company wants to convey. If a company wants to look serious and reliable, will probably choose a style other than a company that wants to look cool and ironic. Therefore, a logo that would be appropriate for a financial institution probably is not for a bar or a restaurant, and vice versa. Prior to designing, the new logo of your company thinks about what value system wants to express.

The size of the logo makes the difference

In fact, this is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Most companies have the need to reproduce the logo in a variety of sizes, from very small to very large. Logos extremely complex therefore may not render when played in the image very small, especially if it is placed in a website, or on business cards, fax header on promotional items (pens, pencils, key chains). Similarly, keep in mind that there may be situations in the future of your company, where the brand will be played on media giants, such as on billboards or on the side of a truck. So before designing your logo, think about how and where it will be used, both in terms of size of media.

The proportions between height and width determine the appearance of a logo

In the logo design, it is not mentioned about the importance of the size. They shall determine the equilibrium diagram and the applicability on different supports. A logo too high and short, or too low and long, it will not be visually pleasing, also can be difficult to combine with other graphical elements (e.g. in business card, websites, etc.), creating problems in the implementation of the layout. It would be better if written and symbol can be separable. If the logo is formed by a written and a graphic symbol (logo), you should design your company logo in order that these elements can also travel alone, as needed. It is better to avoid tangles or overlaps.

Design your new logo for your customers


Of course, the logo is a symbol that the company should feel adequate to represent it, but do not forget that the new logo will look particularly to the targeted public targeted, so keep in mind that it should be designed as per the sensitivity and expectations of your potential customers. A mark that captures the attention of the customer (sign of a bar, logo of a product from the supermarket, etc.) must have immediate impact on the customer.

The color is not important in the early stages of design

stages of design

If it is an integral part of the concept, the choice of colors is not important in the early stages of design. The colors can always be changed later, if they have not already been determined by an institutional choice. Moreover, the logos that are based on the combination of colors too, are likely to be fair when reproduced in black and white (for example in the fax).

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