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Tickera – the easiest ticketing system

Are you an event organizer? Do you have a problem with pesky ticket selling services that take big piece of your pie? Do you need an inhouse solution for selling tickets for your awesome event? Even if you are an experienced event planner, organizing an event can be real pain in the back.

Dealing with caterers, bands, event tech support guys… just to name a few. Lurking obstacles are at every corner. But there is one product that can help you with one huge part of your work. Read on to find out.

What is Tickera and how can it help you sell tickets to your event ?

In short, Tickera is WordPress event ticketing system ​used to sell tickets online and check in attendees (with your phone or barcode scanner). However, thanks to the great number of its add­-ons the basic functionality can be vastly expanded. So, for example you can export CSV or PDF attendee lists, create terms and conditions, add check in notifications, discount codes, make buyers subscribe to newsletter and much more.

How Tickera Works?

Tickera has a user friendly and intuitive user interface for selling tickets. Just by clicking ‘add to cart’ users adds tickets to, you guessed it, the cart. Yup, that is something basic but after that there are many options you can add for the Tickera cart. With the power of awesome Tickera add­ons you can extend the cart with some amazing abilities. You can add custom forms (checkboxes, input fields, textareas etc…). With the help of that your attendees can get to choose, say, between different kind of meals, select the size of the T­shirts or anything else that comes to your mind.


When the customer enters all the information you have requested he proceeds to the payment page. With ​100+ gateways​ Tickera has your business covered on whichever continent you are. Best of all is that all of the payment gateways are already built in so there is no need for additional plugins for that matter.


After the ticket purchase has been made customers will be redirected to the order confirmation page from which they can download their ticket. Additionally, ticket(s) will also be sent to customer’s mail so they can access it later. Tickets usually contain information about the event, date, time, info and barcode or QR code for scanning but thanks to Tickera’s powerful ticket template builder you can make your ticket look any way you like.


On the day of the event, the attendee can print out the ticket and head to your event where they will be welcomed by the person with the phone or a computer barcode scanner, having Tickera app installed. Once the ticket is scanned, all the information concerning the particular attendee will be shown on the screen.

That sounds awesome but what about setting up Tickera?

Setting up Tickera might seem overwhelming at first glance but when you look into it, you’ll quickly get a hang of it . Options are mostly self explanatory. However, even if you bump into something you don’t understand at first, once you start tweaking the settings it’ll all fall into place.


Installing pages for Tickera is rather easy. With a single click, Tickera installs all the pages for you! If you already have predefined pages you would just need to select them in the drop down menu of respective options.


Now you just need to set up the the payment gateway, create an event and set up the ticket types and you are ready to go! You can design your own ticket or use the default one­ it’s up to you! Tickera offers an amazing ticket builder that allows you to tailor tickets for each ticket type ­ e.g. VIP, Standard, Early bird or any other type of the ticket you have made.


And if that wasn’t enough, there are many other options which you can adapt so Tickera would suit your event even more. Change currencies, taxes, global fees, add discount codes, mail confirmations and much more! Also Tickera is white labeled and ready for branding by just changing one line of the code. You can change the name by your or your client’s preferences. Tickera will play nicely with any theme that has been coded by WordPress standards and it will blend in with your awesome theme! Tickera is also translation friendly. You’ll be able to translate each and every word of Tickera plugin in a WordPress way and adjust it easily to your needs. I want to sell tickets through my WooCommerce, can I do that? Of course you can! Guys at Tickera thought about it and they came up with a brilliant solution to bridge the gap between Tickera and WooCommerce and it’s called, you guessed it ­ Bridge. ​Tickera ​Bridge for WooCommerce will allow you to use WooCommerce as a ticket selling platform while the core functionality of Tickera remains the same (emailing the tickets and checking in using smartphone barcode scanner)! How awesome is that?


Is there anything else to say?

Tickera is always improving. They pump out updates almost weekly making sure bugs are fixed and new features are introduced regularly to expand its functionality even more! ​They also run a useful blog where you can always read cool stuff about event organization, WordPress and of course cool Tickera tutorials. Head over to Tickera website and check out what this amazing WordPress event ticketing system can offer you. In the long run, systems like these will make your life easier especially if you are a stressed out event organizer. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have one less thing to worry about?


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