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Themify Ultra Review: The Best Multi-Purposed WordPress Theme Chosen by Freelancers

As a freelance web designer, you need a WordPress theme that is fast, flexible, and powerful. Themify’s Ultra Theme delivers all of the above, allowing you to develop and deliver websites faster and easier than ever before.

In order to implement every detail and design to your liking, you need a theme that’s detail oriented but not bloated. Themify has streamlined the website creating process to ensure the fastest speeds but has loaded their Ultra with all the perfect tools and features.

If you’re looking for a fast, intuitive, and multi-purposed WordPress theme, Ultra is the perfect one for you. It’s one of the most powerful and versatile themes amoung WordPress users, by a company now entering their 8th year online.

Let’s start with their features.


Ultra proves its worth with the various ‘skins’ or pre-made demo sites it comes with. Not only can a skin change the look of the site, but all of the content, menus, contact forms, and widgets come fully loaded upon its import.

Included are skins for an eCommerce shop, a professional services site, a wedding rsvp and gallery page, a gaming blog, a restaurant website, and more – Ultra really can can do it all!

All you need to do is to choose a skin and replace the content with your own, to setup a site within seconds. As you can imagine, skins are a huge time saver especially when creating a variety of websites for different clients. No need to start from scratch – just choose your skin and allow Ultra to do the rest!

Themify Builder

Not only can you instantly create a website using a skin, but you can change every aspect of the site to your taste. Every Themify theme includes access to their drag-and-drop Themify Builder allowing you to design the stuff of your dreams without writing a single line of code.

Themify’s claim to success began with their popular Builder. Like the name suggests, build upon your site by simply dragging-and-dropping various elements on your page. Further adjust each row, column, and module using the styling panel. The panel also allows you to customize the font, background type, and the padding/margin.

The Themify Builder allows you to work in either back or front end. The back end comes with a compact interface allowing you to drag and drop modules around easily and quickly. The front end building function allows you to work while seeing all the changes you create on a live version of your site.

Bonus Builder Addons

The Themify Builder also comes filled with additional options. Valued at $100, the purchase of Ultra gives you access to these addons for free.

Bonus Builder Addons include:

  • Pricing Table
  • Image Pro — add filters, overlays and animations to your images.
  • Bar Chart
  • WooCommerce — display WooCommerce products anywhere on your website.
  • Timelines
  • Audio Player
  • Progress Bars
  • A/B Images — place before/after images side by side, with a dynamic slider for easy comparison.
  • Content Restriction — essentially turn your website into a membership site.

Themify Framework

Themify’s powerful framework allows for technologically sophisticated and incredibly responsive themes. Known for their incredible speed, a website speed test on Google gave Themify’s Ultra Theme a performance of 91/100.

To ensure your website’s ease of use, Ultra guarantees full compatibility with third party plugins such as WPML, WooCommerce, and SEO Yoast.

Pre-Designed Layouts

You can truly create the website of your choice easily with over 60 professional layouts in Ultra. Themify has integrated their layouts into the Builder, aptly naming it Builder Layouts. Each individual page layout can be imported to any page or post of your site. So if there’s a specific page of a skin you dislike, just flip through the Builder Layouts and replace it with one of your choosing.

Other Builder Layouts include pages for a custom newsletter sign up, an event countdown clock, a variety of ‘Contact’, ‘About’ and ‘Coming Soon’ pages, and so on.


The Ultra comes with a free theme of your choice, as well as a year of support and updates. You can use the themes on an unlimited number of sites, and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Themify team are dedicated to the support and customer service offered to clients. No issue is too little or too big for them to help out with.

Themify also offers extensive documentation for all its themes and plugins, and even offers a growing number of video tutorials designed to tackle the most popular hurdles and issues their users may face.

Most inquiries and support occurs through their forums, with dedicated sub forums for each individual theme and plugin.

Final Thoughts

The Ultra theme comes extremely recommended for developers and web designers who need to set up various sites efficiently for multiple clients. The skins and instant demo import is a huge time saver because any site can be instantly set up with their beautifully made demos. Get started saving time and money today by joining the 80,000 plus clients currently using Themify!


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