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The world’s strangest restaurants

Restaurants for cannibals and restaurants suspended tens of meters or restaurants you eat only the dark … There you go, please!

1. Ithaa is part of Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa complex and is built 5 meters below the Indian Ocean, near a beautiful barrier reefs. Visitors can watch the underwater fauna and flora of acrylic glass that offers a 270 degree panorama.

2. Residents of the Yiwu (China) quickly called this place “robot couple restaurant”, this because a couple can not understand how to work 21 hours a day without getting tired. In fact, two couples were identical, consisting of brothers Mao, who married twins .

3. Dark Restaurant (China) is good as the name suggests, the place where you can eat in the dark. We suspect that there may gobble and famous pancakes filled with dark, we like to remember as a child. Here, only the infrared waiters wear masks to guide the curious to the table. Then darkness consumed everything perfect! Are you afraid of the dark?

4. “Cabbages and Condoms” (Thailand) is famous in Asia for the waiters who wear condoms swollen head ..! The most used means of contraception can be found at your discretion, on walls or in special bowls, from which visitors never ceases to source ..

5. D.S. Music Restaurant in Taipei is an original restaurant. The theme chosen by the owner was medicine, with waitresses dressed in nurses, wheelchairs, infusion drinks served in utensils and tableware as medical classic. If you eat too much and you get sick, it dragutele nurses are good and ad hoc treatments? It would be something ..

6. Delicious food and prisons are not very good home together. To make an exception, Volterra Italians have created a restaurant just in the Fortezza doctor, a 500 year old building. What could be nicer when you take a snack and listen to a piano score, played by a man sentenced to life imprisonment for murder?

7. The concept of “Dinner in the Sky” was an astounding success. Somewhere in Brussels, are curious climb to 30 meters using a crane and dine on a base constructed of steel, inside which some chefs prepare delicious food quickly. Seatbelts are mandatory, of course.

8. Marton Theme Restaurant (Taiwan) has something in abundance: toilets! Whether we’re talking about chairs, dishes, lamps or other pieces of decor, everything is shaped like a toilet bowl. 5 – $ 10 you can eat well, but most importantly, fun children, as says Eric Wang, the owner of the premises.

9. “Nyotaimori” has a terrific success in Japan. Do not think now that consume human flesh and the place is full of cannibals, vampires and other species of this stuff. On an operating table, a female body made entirely of food is offered to customers and dissected immediately grab them, tasting only what you want .. like a breast of sushi? It can be solved …


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