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The Winner Of The Contest : “Be The Next Instantgrapher”

In December,Adam Senatori won GE’s “Be The Next Instagrapher” contest with this photo and traveled to Wales, U.K. to make images for GE’s Instagram feed. His assignment was to capture the essence of the jet engine facility on his iPhone4.

Adam brought his Canon 5D MK2 and mobile tripod as well and discussed making a series of animated GIFS or “motion pictures” with GE’s creative team and they were receptive to the idea. The below ten animations resulted. He shot :20 sec clips of HD footage of interesting scenes and edited the footage in Final Cut Pro then assembled them in Photoshop.

The engines represented below are the GE90 which powers many of the Boeing 777’s in the sky today and the CFM56 which is the workhorse engine for the Boeing 737.












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