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The Twister Restaurant

Design team of Serghii Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko havec ompleted the interior for a restaurant in Kiev, where you can fell like baby bird while drinking cocktail or have a dinner attornado top. Thisrestaurant can be classed as modern European andoffers a molecular kitchen style dishes. The main aim while designing this restaurant  space was to create an environment that is natural, modern and comfortable.This restaurant features two areas: a two-storeyed  dining section and relaxing bar area.

Two-storeyed diningsection was inspired by two natural phenomenas: tornado and  rain. Thespace features  six  tornado shape balconies which create onedynamical upper zone with five dining cells. Restaurant walls lined with wooden slats create contrast balconies smooth surface. Ceilinglamps imitate rain drops falling from the sky so complete atmosphere is verynatural and ensures comfort. Spaces of the restaurant are calming  due to the natural tones which extend throughout the restaurant :beige, ochre, garnet, brown.

Thebar itself is made of wooden sticks stuck together among themselves. Thiswall decoration creates feeling of bird’s nest where you can feel warm and cosy.Armchair design remind us coniferous cones and forest. The whole place is made for relax and changing people’smind to meditative spirit.


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