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The Role of Writing in A Design Curriculum

The design of curriculum is a systematic organization of instructions and plans for a particular course. It goes without saying that writing is key to curriculum design. Most people fail to see the academic value it has and the role it plays in learning. There is a close tie between design and writing that we should all master.

Whenever you’re writing an essay, you need to be objective and creative. You can use the free examples on sites such as StudyMoose to learn one or two things. Here, you will find a couple of free essays to help you gain the right skills. Now that you have learned what is curriculum design, it is imperative also to understand the relationship it has with writing. Here’s what you need to know about it:


Helps to engage the student

The basic idea around the development of curriculum is to promote participation. The best way to get students involved in any educational process is through writing. This makes them more likely to grasp essential concepts in a particular subject. Besides, a significant percentage of the grades awarded in an academic course, emanate from writing. Therefore, it is vital to show students how integral writing is to their education. The design discipline, to be more precise letterforms and typography, needs the student to harness writing skills.


Conceptual development

This part needs a lot of jotting down as you have to put everything you research in writing. Doing this will help you to efficiently perform anything that entails the design without missing a step. When writing, you are also more poised to come up with brilliant ideas that will impact your design. The tutors will also show you better how to develop a great concept through writing than through speech.


The actual designing process

Creating a good design means that you will be noting everything down frequently. It isn’t quite possible to come up with the right format of design without having sound writing skills. You may be the best designer in your class, but without harnessing these necessary skills, it is all useless. And come to think of it, how will the design be seen if not written?


Helps designers to assess their problems and shortcomings

It is through reading, discussions, and writings that designers can notice faults and underlying issues. Sometimes you may wonder what the solution to your framework faults is until you note down the possibilities.


Promotes teamwork

When students are given a project to handle as a team, by their tutor, it helps them to work together. This is because they will split the roles according to their number. Some will help in the research process and data finding, while others will do the writing bit of the design and essentials. Therefore, you will be able to improve your ability to work with others in whatever position you are placed, even in the future.


Idea organization and evaluation

This is an essential part of the design curriculum. An idea is a thought that comes into your mind as a student and needs to be recorded. This gives you the peace of not having to worry about forgetting it before its actualization. A design idea, to be specific, is complex and can be lost if not put down on paper instantly. Also, when it comes to the evaluation bit, you need to have writing skills. Due to the complexity, you will still need to have a separate write-up of the analysis and evaluation. It will help you when planning an essential stage – the implementation and actualization.


Helps to create a clear list of your goals, aims, and achievements

Just as you would need to create your goals before essays, is the same way you would do for any other topics or disciplines. This helps to boost your focus on those goals to emerge a successful student. Besides, you equally need to record your achievements aside from the aims. This will help you when you’re creating your portfolio and applying for jobs. Your employer will need to see what you learned and what you can do. A single sentence can be the light at the end of your tunnel.


Aids in the final project development

When you are finally compiling your topic, you need to employ writing skills or otherwise stand the risk of distorting everything. The final draft needs to be concise and sharp so that you can gain a good grade from it. You can check for free examples online to guide you.


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