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The Importance Of A Sysadmin

Because the traffic on TDM  is growing fast,  two months ago we decided that we need to migrate from our shared account to a VPS. We choose MediaTemple because we have a lot of friends there.

When we did the math, we concluded that the the extra money will provide a much greater stability and a higher uptime compared to a shared account. Since it was first time we used a VPS, we thought everything will be as easy as before. We thought all you need to do is move files from one side to another and then change the domain nameservers.


From the first second I had to work with SSH, I had to fix problems in Apache, MySQL, I had to learn to stop services or to repair the database … anything to optimize the server. Why? Because VPS’s are usually self-managed, so the hosting provider will rarely get involved.

After weeks of trials and errors, endless emails to support…I almost gave up and I wanted to migrate again. I was desperate because my site was down 60-70% of the time, I was getting huge memory spikes and a lot of problems with mysql. I tried all the tutorials that I could find, all the tricks and tips from the internet but I`m not a sysadmin so everything was useless.

… and then I found

Two days ago I got the idea to look for someone to handle all these problems because I could no longer cope and that`s how I found the guys from In less than 3 hours, everything was fixed, the site was up and running at full speed and the memory leaks were just bad memories.

In the first day after the optimization, we had more than 30.000 unique visitors and the server didn`t budge. I could not believe how rapidly I passed from a state of despair to a state of joy. Now we can work without fear that the server has problems or a service component crashed.

If you have problems with your server, I recommend you with confidence to contact They are extremely serious and not expensive. I worked with Marius (you can check his blog at and he is a pro.

I learned my lesson: Let the problems to those who know how to solve them.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.