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The Importance Of A Good Logo Design

In these times of personal computing, the requirements of a graphic studio have risen, due in part because all of these people that see design as ‘pixel accommodators’ instead of ‘problem solution’. This practice has been fueled by the relative ease that has become a logo creation, for example. Anyone with a personal computer can arrange a set of pixels on a nice way, choose a matching typeface and color it as fashion demands. But the fact that things are done, doesn’t mean they are WELL done.
Graphic design requires a lot more skills than pixel-arrangement. It is based in empathy, abstraction and problem solving; characteristics that converge on completely custom solutions for the one in need of communication. This is the philosophy of Monterrey–based emerging studio Suizopop, specialized in branding, editorial design and typography. They do not follow trends, do not use Helvetica and do not believe in triangles.

Pencil and paper –not the computer– are their most powerful tools. It is their custom typographic work that has brought attention to them, trying to innovate with each project and taking charge not only on the creation of a logotype, but on a full brand, with own personality and own graphic solutions.
As Jorge Paez, co-founder says “Sometimes, clients just don’t know what they really need, they may have and idea, or try to mimic what other brands do. Our job is to sit down with them, understand how their business is driven, learn on their strengths and weaknesses and take full advantage from them.

After all, if their business gets better, ours too.” That’s why you may see different applications though their portfolio, each and every client represent a completely different universe of possibilities than the previous, brands need more than just business cards and letterheads, their real need is to reach an audience and convince them that they are reliable and prepared to do their job, whatever that means.

Suizopop is formed by Rosendo Guzman, Carlos Carreño and Jorge Páez. Located in Monterrey, Mexico they take advantage of the internet to work long distance. Feel free to wander around their portfolio at or contact them directly to




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