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The Connection Between Web Designer and Photographer

At first glance, Web design and photography have nothing in common and exist as completely separate creative directions, but this is only at first glance. In web design, as well as in photography, the same rules of golden sections, the location of the main elements, color, tonality, balance and so on are applied. Photographers and designers in their work use such a filming tool as a portrait camera and a graphics processing program like Photoshop. It is possible to continue to draw parallels between these wonderful professions, but the relationship between them becomes especially evident when you look at the very use of photos in web design.

Thematic Connection of the Text with Photography

Today it is difficult to imagine a modern website without graphic elements of design and photographs. When it comes to design, photography becomes a fundamental tool that makes the design work in some sense of the word. Anyway, in one form or another, but photography is an integral part of a modern website or blog. And it’s not surprising.

Information presented on the site only in the form of text looks boring and uninteresting to the user. The presence of even small photos on the page betrays textual information more attractiveness and informative content by keeping the reader on the page. However, the text and images should be thematically related, and complement each other.

Photo Contributes to the Perception of Textual Information

It is checked by own experience that the text information is supplemented by images, is better assimilated by the reader. It also satisfies the search engines, which contributes to the increase in the attendance of the site or blog. It is for this reason that bloggers use pictures and/or photos of relevant subjects in their articles (unfortunately, not always legally). Thus, the user receives more information, and the blog, in turn, becomes more reliable in the eyes of search engines.

Opportunities for Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

Web design and photography are interrelated rather closely. Professionals know that using a suitable image you can promote a brand, make a website more beautiful and quickly deliver the message to the audience. If you are fond of photography, you probably have hundreds of photos on your hard drive, and this is an excellent tool for turning a site from the usual into an outstanding one.

Interestingly, some of the trends in web design are thought up as if specifically for photographers such as large photos, panoramic shooting or minimalistic shots. So use this opportunity to sell your photos to new sites.

This advice also works in the opposite direction. Dear designers, before you upload the next picture from the stock storage to the site, talk to your customer about the possibility to buy something truly original!


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